ATPEAssociation of Texas Professional Educators
ATPEAqueous Two Phase Extraction (engineering)
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Only a few studies have been done on the refrigerated human sperm, (12, 13) and the present study aimed to find a suitable condition for human sperm preservation and clarify the effects of CoQ-10, Trolox, and ATPe on sperm viability and motility patterns.
ATPe could not cross the cell membrane, but it improved several motility parameters in asthenozoo sperms and cryopreserved normal human sperm.
Developed in the last 10 years, the ATPE aims to train engineers from diverse specializations to act as future employees of Challenge.
This article has as the main objective to investigate how engineer-trainees from the Advanced Training Program for Engineers (ATPE), from the organization here called Challenge, working in multidisciplinary teams with the help of mentors, interact with each other and mobilize their knowledge, resulting in learning.
Different concentrations of fatty-acid surface coatings have been added to the [Mg(OH).sub.2] filler; these vary in terms of the aliphatic chain length and include decanoic acid [C-10], stearic acid [C-18], behenic acid (C-22) and an acid-group terminated polyethylene (ATPE) of molecular weight 5000 g/mol.
High molar mass ATPE coating produces a compound with the highest recorded modulus, at the lowest coating levels (5%).
"We trust that school boards will continue to make prudent decisions on this matter in light of all the legal advice available to them," said Jennifer Canaday, ATPE governmental relations director.
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The coating of lowest molar mass was decanoic acid (with ten carbon atoms along the aliphatic chain, hence "C10"), and the longest-chain coating was an acid-terminated polyethylene (ATPE) of molecular weight 5000 g/mol., supplied by AlliedSignal Corporation (Belgium).
"Our priorities this year are to get a professional board, good health care for active and retired teachers, and to stop the privatization of schools," said Brock Gregg, ATPE's governmental relations director.
Monty Exter, a lobbyist with ATPE, said the organization's political action committee has invested "more than we traditionally do" in the SBOE primaries.