ATPIAustralian Technology Park Innovations
ATPIAir Travel Price Index
ATPIAssociation of Texas Photography Instructors (Arlington, TX)
ATPIAmerican Tax Policy Institute (Washington, DC)
ATPIAdult Treatment Panel I Guidelines (National Cholesterol Education Program; National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; US NIH)
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Peter Muller, International Board Director at ATPI Corporate Travel added: Its great to be part of the team pioneering NDC for the Asia-Pacific region.
The ATPI policy breaks the risks into two categories: "art-provenance and chain-of-title risks" address theft and illegal import or export before the date the policy was issued.
Using Avaya Call Recording with Avaya Support, ATPI will benefit from 100 percent interaction recording - providing service agents with a record of complex travel interactions.
The ATPI process allows for data entry using an extensible markup language (XML) document.
ATPI's CEO, Graham Ramsey, has said, 'Our event and corporate teams have proven expertise in managing major sporting events and are fully immersed in managing this once in a lifetime national opportunity.' Financial details of the contract have not been revealed.
If you're certain you'll have access to an ATPI. another option is to withdraw money as soon as you arrive.
ATPI is a single-premium, indefinite-term policy, with coverage that is functionally identical to title insurance in the real-estate realm.
En el ATPI que se produjo en 1988, se recomendo el filtrado (= tamizaje) inicial con colesterol total (CT) y se enfoco la prevencion primaria de la ECC en quienes tenian aumentado el colesterol de lipoproteina de baja densidad (LDL-C, siglas en ingles).
NSPA will be participating in an American Tax Policy Institute (ATPI)-sponsored roundtable discussion this summer on issues surrounding the treatment of employees and independent contractors.
The event's sponsors are Bureau Veritas and Tototheo Maritime, UMAR WSR shipping services, Osterreichischer Lloyd, the Cyprus Marine Club, Osmium Institute, Multimarine Shipyards, Hellenic Bank Shipping, Vassiliko Cement Works, Celestyal Cruises, Puzzle Entertainment, Frederick University, ATPI Marine & Energy, Pivotal Step,, Fathom World, Elnavi Shipping Review and the Financial Mirror.
Signed the client's name on an Authority to Proceed (part of a Statement of Advice; requested a client sign a blank Authority to Provide Information (ATPI) document (to be faxed to a superannuation fund), which was photocopied before the names of superannuation funds and other details were inserted; altered an ATPI document after it had been signed by the client; and created two versions of a diary note in relation to the same event, which were signed by Mr Miller and dated with the date of the event they recorded, when the diary notes were created some weeks after the date shown.