ATPMAbout This Particular Macintosh (Macintosh computing e-zine)
ATPMAgen Tunggal Pemegang Merk (Indonesian: Single Agent Brand)
ATPMAustralian Tourist Park Management
ATPMAssociation of Teachers of Preventive Medicine
ATPMAutomatic Toll Payment Machine (various locations)
ATPMAll the Presidents Men (book/movie)
ATPMAsphalt-Treated Permeable Material (construction)
ATPMAddress Translation and Parsing Module
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Dr Badar Ujjan, secretary of ATPM centre, said that Sindh had been a hub of progressive ideas and trends and it was this province which could play an impAortant role in leading proAgressive movement in the country.
No Ratios Firm Firm Firm Firm A B C D 1 GPM 4.7% 10.6% 6.96% 11.98% 2 ATPM 0.78% 0.14% 1.17% 5.56% 3 ROA 1.8% 0.97% 2.07% 7.4% 4 ROE 16.1% 10.5% 20.25% 72.6% No Firm Firm Industry Zone Industry E F Average (Median) 1 9.06% 7.52% 17% -- 2 0.24% 0.48% 2.2% 8.7% to 0.6% 3 1.69% 1.28% 6.5% 21.7% to 2.0% 4 4.5% 2.45% 16.7% 53% to 5.4% The financial ratios shown in Table 1.1 above represent four types of profitability ratios, namely, GPM, ATPM, ROA, and ROE.
ATPM companies cooperate with finance companies to expand distribution and sales of their automotive products.
PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) as the ATPM for Nissan cars had a production capacity of 180,000 units per year by the end of 2013 with the completion of a new factory in Purwakarta, West Java.
Reaccion iMM904 FBA etanol EX_etoh(e) [v.sub.EX_etoh(e)] glicerol EX_gly(e) [v.sub.EX_gly(e)] sucinato EX_succ(e) [v.sub.EX_succ(e)] glucosa EX_glc(e) [v.sub.EX_glc(e)] acetato EX_ace(e) [v.sub.EX_ace(e)] piruvato EX_pyr(e) [v.sub.EX_pyr(e)] dioxido de EX_co2(e) [v.sub.EX_co2(e)] carbono crecimiento biomass oxigeno EX_o2(e) [v.sub.EX_o2(e)] mantenimiento ATPM [v.sub.ATPM] ATP ergosterol EX_ergst(e) [v.sub.EX_ergst(e)] zymosterol EX_zymst(e) [v.sub.EX_zymst(e)] hexadecenato EX_hdcea(e) [v.sub.EX_hdcea(e)] (n-C16:1) octadecanato EX_ocdca(e) [v.sub.EX_ocdca(e)] (n-C18:0) octadecenato EX_ocdcea(e) [v.sub.EX_ocdceat(e)] (n-C18:1) octadecenato EX_ocdcya(e) [v.sub.EX_ocdcya(e)] (n-C18:2) Tabla 4.
This project was supported under a cooperative agreement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine (ATPM).
CDC and the Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine (ATPM) announce the availability of curricular materials for teaching students and practitioners about vaccines, vaccine-preventable diseases, and vaccination practices.
Brand holding sole agents (ATPM) of luxury cars are set to raise the prices of their latest products by 20%-30% following the decision of the government to increase the luxury sales tax (PPnBM) from 75% to 125%.
This research was supported by the following grants: ES07198 (B.S.S.), 2 ES07198 (V.M.W.), ES00002 (K.T.K.), and National Research Service Award F30-ES05922-02 (M.E.L.) from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences; KRF2000-00545 (B.-K.L.) from the Korea Research Foundation; ATPM TS288-14/14 (E.K.S.) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and the Richard Ross Clinician Scientist Award (B.G.J.) from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
The TIME project was initiated in 1989 by the National Immunization Program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through a cooperative agreement with the Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine (ATPM).