ATPRAustralian Trade Practices Reporter (law bulletin; Victoria, Australia)
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The ATPR will achieve, in co-operation with its French counterpart, the "Safe Cities" project that will be announced during the Tunis international forum scheduled for June 24 and 25.
(90) See, e.g., Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v McMahon Services Pty Ltd (2004) ATPR [paragraph]42-031, 49, 228-9 [16].
L'ATPR a precise que les accidents de la route causent a l'Etat des pertes allant jusqu'a 700 millions de dinars par an.
The tournament and organizing committee is represented by the current officers of the Association of Tennis Players-Riyadh (ATPR), composed of : Ladio (chairman), Gerry De Guzman (vice-chairman), Radi Bagnol (tournament director), Ramon Garra (secretary), Ace Espiritu (budget & finance), Ramon Montales (IT administrator), Belmar Indencia (logistics), Ismael Taha (community/culture officer) and Ulysses Perez (media & public relations).
(1976) 25 FLR 169; 8 ALR 481; ATPR 40-012, where it describes workable competition as including
An investigation by the Association of smallholders sugar (ATPR) showed that 47,000 tons of raw sugar from Brazil and Malaysia have entered the domestic market illegally unloaded in the Cigading port of PT Krakatau Steel in Cilegon.
ATPR Sid Stephenson and L/Cpl Smudge Smith, 622 AVN SQN MT, Op Palatine GV, BFPO 548
Corporation Ltd (2007) ATPR J42-166, 47616 [41]-[42]; Australian
(TAP) - Young road safety ambassadors from the Tunisian Road Traffic Association (ATPR) will tour Arab, African and other countries around the world to communicate on The Tunis Declaration of Young Ambassadors of Road Safety and to encourage the world associations active in this field to sign this declaration in order to include it in the UN Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety, Afif Frigui, president of the ATPR said on Saturday.
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