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ATPSApple Talk Printing Service
ATPSAfrican Technology Policy Studies (Nairobi, Kenya)
ATPSAdvanced Tactical Parachute System (US Army)
ATPSAmbient Temperature and Pressure Saturated (with water vapor)
ATPSAutomated Test Planning System
ATPSAnalysis of Training Performance System
ATPSAppleTalk Printer Services
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In early 2016, the Agricultural Data Coalition was formed as a partnership between ATPs, universities, and producers to focus on the design, creation, and management of neutral-party data warehouses.
* Market Speculation: ATPs will not use farm data to illegally speculate in commodity markets.
The approval of the ATPs is a clear manifestation of growing Pakistan-EU relations since the inception of democratic government in 2008 and EU's commitment to help Pakistan through trade.
In this model based on an ATPS, each subatomic particle is therefore interpreted as the result of the interaction of energy in the "entropystate" with one or more QS, determined by the vibration of these QS at appropriate frequencies.
Three years ago there was an almost identical incident when a 63-passenger British Regional Airlines ATP flying from Manchester to Knock in Co Mayo reported an undercarriage failure.
Increased ATPs can be attributed to increased fuel costs and increased demand into China.
In this model based on ATPS, one can assume that a quantum of space changes its energy from the "non-entropy-state" to the "entropy-state," becoming a quantum of matter, as a consequence of the vibration at a certain appropriate frequency (lower than the basic one).