ATPUAnti-Terrorism Police Unit (Kenya)
ATPUAtelier de Technologie du Plutonium (French plutonium technology facility)
ATPUAverage Traffic per User (mobile Internet usage)
ATPUAdvanced Tactical Power Unit
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With the silence from ATPU, it's difficult to know what happened to Ms Kemunto.
The ATPU says, however, that Dr Ali's network included medical experts helping in organising the attack.
The characteristic IR spectrum of ATPU (PTMG) pre-polymer [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1B OMITTED] was similar except for a smaller peak at 1700 [cm.sup.-1] (carbonyl).
EXONORATEDOn, Monday, a letter from the Mandera ATPU office signed by a Mr Ndung'u Mburu and addressed to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions exonerated Mr Musa from any terror activities.Mr Mburu stated that the multi-agency investigative team handling the case had established that Mr Musa was a Mandera resident and had no links to Al-Shabaab terror cells.
She is charged with failure to disclose information related to terrorism acts.The ATPU accused Sakina of failure to disclose Gichunge's whereabouts which could have helped the police to prevent the attack which left 21 people dead.
(45) It increased its capabilities to identify, arrest and detain suspects through an Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) that was established in 2002.
Polyol Molecular Unsaturation % EO Primary OH weight (Mw) (meq/g) (%) A 2,000 0.006 24.8 82.1 B 4,000 0.011 19.2 88.7 C 7,000 0.017 9.0 70.0 D 11,300 0.019 3.8 82.2 E 4,000 0.061 21.1 84.8 To date, some interesting studies on aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethanes (ATPU) derived from [H.sub.12]MDI with varied steric isomer ratios using either polyester polyols or PTMEG were reported (refs.
It's instructive that officers from the specialised Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) are holding two suspects arrested on Tuesday.
Kinoti said the new ATPU headquarters will be equipped with state of the art logistical tools to stem possible risks and for fast response to attacks.
ATPU INVOLVEMENT The third gangster is yet to be identified.
Senior prosecution counsel Kennedy Amwayi said ATPU investigations revealed that Agaro did not have any links with terrorists.
class="MsoNormalAccording to ATPU, information gathered so far show that the suspect was involved in the plot to kidnap the two Cuban doctors and that there was communication between him and the attackers.