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ATRACAdaptive Transform Acoustic Coding
ATRACAutomotive Tracking Reporting Analysis and Control
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ATRAC Advanced Lossless is used as the codec to record CDs onto the system's hard disk to achieve high sound quality recordings that retain the sound quality of the original CDs.
By going back to basics-dropping the SonicStage software, ditching Atrac and embracing the formats we all know and love - AAC, WMA (including DRMed ones) and MP3.
The user first has to burn the tracks to CD and then copy them onto the computer in MP3 or ATRAC format.
OD2 and Napster both use the Windows Media format, while Sony plans to use its proprietary Atrac compression software and Open Music Gate anti-piracy protection.
Cette manifestation, organisee par l'Institut francais du Maroc dans la cadre de sa saison culturelle, en partenariat avec l'Association Tanger Region Action Culturelle (ATRAC), fournira une plate-forme de reflexion sur l'ere numerique qui marque le nouveau millenaire et ses consequences sur la vie et la culture au Maroc et dans le monde.
It's also a music player, with built-in speaker and support for MP3, Atrac and WMA files.
Sony sees the deal in part as a way to promote its ATRAC sound compression format and OpenMG copyright protection technology.
She also said Sony was intensively promoting ATRAC and OpenMG among content service providers.
It is incredibly slim but still manages to store 45 hours' worth of MP3 or Atrac tracks on every disc, and as it is Windows and Mac-compatible you can transfer files back to your PC.
THIS skinny little OLED display and detractable USB connector add a little muchneeded spice to the welljudged 512MB or 1GB base, while the MP3 and Atrac playback gives the kind of aftertaste other electronics chefs' dreams are made of
For instance, ATRACS Corporation advocates the use of its World Internet Tax System (WITS); a software system capable of calculating, collecting, and delivering tax information to purchasers.