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ATRANAutomatic Terrain Recognition And Navigation
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Nafees Hamid (Artis International) and Mirta Galesic (Santa Fe Institute) (Courtesy of Scott Atran)
And, after declaring Atran's (1990:56) statement that people everywhere divide natural objects into living and non-living kinds to be 'simply not the case', he then proceeds to characterize the Ojibwa way of 'dealing with perception' as 'fundamentally non-taxonomic' (2011b:97), thereby maintaining his portrayal of the Ojibwa as fundamentally animistic.
(2) Jeremy Ginges, Scott Atran, Douglas Medin, and Khalil Shikaki, "Sacred bounds on the rational resolution of violent political conflict," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104:18 (2007): pp.
There had been a steep decline in the catch indices following the large red tide event of 2005, but not enough for the stock to become overfished, says Atran. A new stock assessment is scheduled to begin later this year, and will be completed in the spring of 2019.
Previous studies such as the ones conducted by Boyer, (1992; 1994) and Norenzayan & Atran (2004) postulated that when people are presented with information individuals activate the potential attributes of such stimuli and compare it with existing knowledge or schemas.
18/Some readers noted similarities between researcher Scott Atran's work and philosopher Eric Hoffer's 1951 book The True Believer.
(6.) See Atran, Scott, "ISIS Is a Revolution," AEON, ntial-to-be-a-world-altering-revolution.
IS' use of soccer reflects anthropologist Scott Atran's observation that suicide bombers often emerge from groups with an action-oriented activity.
According to the anthropologist Scott Atran, PhD, who has studied both would-be and convicted terrorists, in addition to those individuals who are angry and disturbed, many recruits to terrorism are merely unsettled youth eager to find a sense of identity and belonging in a "band of brothers (and sisters)." He has described the "devoted actor," who merges his identity with his combat unit and becomes willing to die for his comrades or their cause.