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ATRANAutomatic Terrain Recognition And Navigation
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The ATRAN team worked closely with Fly Concord LLC, a long-term partner of Volga-Dnepr Group, which is coordinating these special deliveries for the projects organisers.
The AE1 Press 1995) (1991) (arguing that "people everywhere have a natural moral sense that is not entirely the product of utility or convention," and that our moral sentiments "constitute the fundamental glue of society, a glue with adhesive power that is imperfect but sufficient to explain social order to some degree"); ATRAN, supra note 106, at 278-79 (quoting EMILE DURKHEIM, THE DIVISION OF LABOR IN SOCIETY 200 (2d prtg.
extraction of facts from press releases related to company and financial information in systems like ATRANS (Lytinen & Gershman, 1986), SCISOR (Jacobs & Rau, 1990), JASPER (Andersen, et al.