ATRCAdaptive Technology Resource Centre (Canada)
ATRCAssistive Technology Resource Center
ATRCAegis Training and Readiness Center
ATRCAdvanced Television Research Consortium
ATRCAlien Terrorist Removal Court
ATRCAgainst the Rest Crew
ATRCAir Traffic Regulation Center
ATRCArmy Transportation Research Command
ATRCAutomotive Tracking Reporting Analysis and Control
ATRCAdvanced Technology and Research Corporation
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ATRC is the adviser to the ASEAN Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministers (TELMIN), Established in 1995, the ATRC aims to advance the development of the telecoms industry in the region by discussing and coordinating policy, strategic and regulatory issues in telecommunications, ranging from radio frequency coordination to regulatory trends, development strategies and international affairs.
ATRC notes that antibiotics work exceedingly well in the treatment of acne; however, in the past decade, medical professionals have come to realize that perhaps antibiotics work so well at treating acne because of their anti-inflammatory properties, not because they are acting as true antibiotics.
Their feedback has enabled the courses here at ATRC to constantly evolve.
Congress created the ATRC to sidestep this conflict.
government's secret evidence--whether through the ATRC or the
Because the use of classified evidence in expedited removal procedures generally stands on firm constitutional ground (9) and because the executive branch has never employed the ATRC, this essay focuses on the use of undisclosed information to defeat an application for discretionary relief.
politicians' suspicions about foreign involvement, the ATRC promised to conduct most research and production of its Advanced Digital Television (ADTV) system in the United States.
Housed inside the Qatar Science & Technology Park ( QSTP), the 13,400sqm ATRC focuses on applied research and knowledge transfer across GE's four business divisions on global research, oil and gas, aviation, and healthcare.
Part III proposes a compromise scheme based on the ATRC model that allows closed hearings after case-by-case adjudications of whether particular aliens have terrorist ties.
Since 2005, USAID has been offering grants to build the sustainability of the ATRC network and the host institutions which provide trade-related services to privately-owned firms.
Repeated Competition: Supply And Installation Of Equipment ATRC On The Project: Reconstruction And Development Of The Airport Domodedovo .