ATRHAdvanced Tandem Rotor Helicopter
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Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, of whom 1,924 met the criteria for aTRH as defined by a requirement for drugs from at least four antihypertensive medications classes in order to achieve blood pressure control.
While aTRH is known to be associated with higher rates of major adverse cardiovascular events and increased mortality relative to nonresistant hypertension, the financial costs associated with this condition haven't previously been carefully examined.
Tenders are invited for Facility Management Services for House Keeping, Sanitation and Maintenance of 1) Vishnu padam, Vikas, NGRH-I,II,III & IV, Srivari Kuteer,Krishna Teja, Shakthi Nilayam, JEO Camp Office, Reception Office ATRH, NGC (2 to18), Balaji Kuteer areas at irumala (Slice 1)
Tenders are invited for " Facility management services for house keeping, sanitation and maintenance of 1) vishnu padam, vikas, ngrh-i,ii,iii & iv, srivari kuteer, krishna teja, shakthi nilayam, jeo camp office, reception office, atrh, ngc(2 to 18) balaji kuteer areas at tirumala "(slice-1); 2) vidya sadan, srinivasa, lakshmi, balaji, godavari sadan, sri padmavathi rest house, padmavathi enquiry offices at tirumala (slice-2); and 3) hvdc, modi bhavan, rajendra prasadam, bela kuteeram, ampro, gumble, annamaiah bhavan, gayatri sadan, krishna sadan areas at tirumala (slice-3) (west package) for 2014-16
Tenders are invited for Facility Management Services for House keeping, Sanitation and maintenance of (1) Vishnu Padam, Vikas, NGRH-1,11, III &IV, Srivari Kuteer, Krishna Teja, Shakthi Nilayam, JEO Camp Office, Reception Office, ATRH, NGC (2 to 18), Balaji Kuteer areas atTirumala (Slice-1) (2) Vidya Sadan, Srinivasa, Lakshmi, Balaji, Godavari Sadan, Sri Padmavathi Rest House, Padmavathi enquiry offices atTirumala (Slice-2) (3) HVDC, Modi Bhavan, Rajendra Prasadam, Bela Kuteeram, AMPRO, Gumble, Annamaiah Bhavan, Gayatri Sadan, Krishna Sadan areas at Tirumala (Slice-3) (West Package) for 2014-16.