ATRIDAutomatic Target Recognition Identification & Detection
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| ON THE PODIUM: In the top three places in the Under 9 Girls race at the Regional BSCA Cross at Spen Valley were (from left) Hannah Whitworth, Ella Hampson & Atrid Hiley (s)
Third, the story is not about starting a panhellenic campaign but about Agesilaus' wish to replicate Agamemnon's status, the divine consent and assistance for the campaign that Agamemnon had received, and a victory like his, but without paying the price that the Atrid had paid.
Prior to Agamemnon's return, the chorus reports, there was hidden anger and great resentment among the families of those who went to Troy against the Atrids, who, in advocating their own case, had led many excellent young men to their deaths for the sake of another man's wife.