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ATRIPATR-Interacting Protein
ATRIPAfrica Trade and Investment Policy (USAID)
ATRIPAssociation of Travel-Related Industry Professionals
ATRIPAfrica Trade and Investment Program (economic growth program; USAID; various locations)
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SMR Gene Top SNP MAF [beta] p value ATRIP rs2228561 0.129 -0.070 9.68 x [10.sup.-5 MRPL33 rs3736594 0.258 -0.067 9.75 x [10.sup.-5 ATRIP rs2228561 0.129 -0.084 1.90 x [10.sup.-4 POLR1E rs10758435 0.166 -0.026 2.60 x [10.sup.-4 AMT rs1050088 0.429 0.031 3.44 x [10.sup.-4 TNFSF13 rs9898876 0.193 -0.037 4.55 x [10.sup.-4 POLR1E rs10973396 0.168 -0.028 7.82 x [10.sup.-4 Note.
Weller, "ATR and ATRIP are recruited to herpes simplex virus type 1 replication compartments even though ATR signaling is disabled," Journal of Virology, vol.
CuT the cost of atrip to Paris, Brussels and Lille with eurostar Plus discounts.
ATRIP to Britain has been part of her plan pretty much since the winter but minor training interruptions have prevented her getting back on the racecourse since.
ATRIP to the seaside is beckoning for a choir from North Wales' best known performing arts school, for a festival that includes a peer's lecture through to a S4C children's TV character.
Next year, atrip is planned for Brazil and Colombia.
Atrip to Cordoba, Mexico, proved mutually beneficial for Servus Credit Union and the local Caja Yanga credit union.
Prepared for Annual Meeting of ATRIP (Montreal, July 13, 2005),
RELATED ARTICLE: Shrinking travel revenues lead to ATRIP's demise.
The Ghana Cooperative Assistance project, managed by the Cooperatives Program of USDA Rural Development, was initially funded under USAID's African Trade and Investment Program (ATRIP), but has since been adopted by USAID's mission in Ghana.
ATRIP to Florida's Gulf Coast is perhaps best appreciated in hindsight.
She usually wears delicate and understated studs, even sporting a mismatched pair with a star cuff on atrip to Cardiff.