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ATRISAlong Track Reef Imaging System (USGS)
ATRISAttenuated Total Reflectance Infrared Spectroscopy
ATRISAutomated Test Range Information System
ATRISAutomated Telephone Record Information System
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At the recommendation of Atris, they made the decision to move to a joint Atris/Epson solution to allow the teller application to run from any device, and maintain the thin client computing environment currently in place within the bank.
BEIRUT: When smuggler boats started carrying Syrian refugees from Lebanon's Tripoli toward Europe, Samir "Atris" al-Hussein considered joining them on the dangerous journey.
“This partnership come together nicely with our highest standards to deliver solutions that meet the functionality demands,” said Atris EVP of Products Jared McElhiney.
Tomando un paso hacia atris para evaluar el dano de la roya ha creado un espacio para la reflexion, y todos los jugadores en la cadena de produccidn tenfan razdn de recordar que cultivar el cafe no es la suma de pasos aisladas, sino es un proceso cfclico en cual el uso de herbicidas afecta la calidad de los suelos, la calidad de los suelos afecta la necesidad de fertilizaciones, y las fertilizaciones afectan la capacidad de una planta de resistir las enfermedades.
Atris Hussein, a 49-year-old Swedish citizen, was found guilty of possessing material that could be used to make explosive devices but the court stopped short of implicating him in any plans to plant bombs.
Behl and Abhinav Atris. The theme of the exhibition will be the Indian historical monuments.
The Speaker later received a delegation of Kurdish Razkari party, headed by Mahmoud Khodor Fattah Ahmed and comprised of Suleiman Omeirat, Ibrahim Farhat, and Mohammad Atris, in presence of Amal Movement's political bureau member, Mohammad Khawaja.
The authorities subsequently discovered Hussein Atris, the suspect, illegally possessed a large amount of urea-based fertilizer and liquid ammonium nitrate, materials that could be used to manufacture the improvised explosive mixture urea nitrate.
Police chief Priewpan Damapong said the suspect, Atris Hussein, had given police an address where bomb-making material was being kept.