ATRJAdvanced Threat Radar Jammer
ATRJAdvanced Tactical Radar Jammer
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Subsequent to the offer to allow UAE participation in ATRJ development, some US congressional critics of the move attempted to force the withdrawal of the offer.
When asked about earlier reports that the UAE participation in ATRJ development would be limited to any unique interfaces required, he maintained that he would only be interested as a full partner in the development, with the implication that a scaled-down "export" version of the system would be unacceptable to the UAE.
The ATRJ will provide radio frequency interferometry, radar warning and jamming within a 360 [degrees] envelope.
In its report to Congress, the Army answered questions about the scope of the integration work; its consistency with US policy; threats for which ATRJ would be developed, particularly with regard to threats to potential customer countries for the system; the potential proliferation of sensitive EW technology; the availability of nondevelopmental and less sophisticated technologies for Apache ECM; and the level of technology in potential foreign competitor systems.
The ATIRCM and ATRJ programs represent Army aviation's most recent EW masterworks.
Although details on the ATRJ's performance remain sensitive, JED has previously reported on its extreme RF sensitivity.
Lockheed Sanders leads the team developing the Army's Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures (ATIRCM) program, a system with which the ATRJ will interact aboard several platforms.
As reported in April, the ATRJ will form the core element of an integrated suite of RF countermeasures (see "Army Integrates Self-Protection" by Stephen M.
The September 1990 contract, for what has been popularly labeled the Advanced Threat Radar Jammer (ATRJ) program, calls for the company to provide core elements for the suite's receive, processing and jamming functions.
Technological advancements in next-generation integrated countermeasures have also been achieved by ITT on the Advanced Threat Radar Jammer (ATRJ) program.
The most recent jammer in development at ITT is the Advanced Threat Radar Jammer (ATRJ) for the US Army.
The ECU will be linked to the platform's 1553 avionics bus for message exchange among other sensors and countermeasure equipment, including the Advanced Threat Radar Jammer (ATRJ) and the Airborne Optical Countermeasures System (AOCMS).