ATRONAtomic Reconnaissance Crew Broadcast Report
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Superbot robots [30] combine features and advantages of M-TRAN [19, 23, 24], CONRO [3], and ATRON [15, 26], as illustrated in Figure 15.
Another reason is that several levels of structure allow for greater complexity and closer resemblance to biological structures, as in the ATRON anatomical parts [4] project.
Superbot [31] combine mechanisms of M-TRAN, CONRO, and ATRON.
Lund (2006), Autonomous Robots, Design of the ATRON lattice-based self-reconfigurable robot, 21(2):165-183
P atrons of the main stand are fenced off from the track, which suggests the locals can get pretty rowdy.
P atrons looking for extra comfort can upgrade by paying pounds 20 for a seat at a table in the Grace stand, which is being upgraded following the opening today of a new grandstand incorporating a 280-seater, first-floor restaurant.