ATRPAtom Transfer Radical Polymerization
ATRPAgricultural Technology Research Program (Atlanta, GA)
ATRPAdvanced Tennis Research Project (San Francisco, CA)
ATRPAbandoned Tank Restoration Program (Florida)
ATRPArtificial Triglyceride-Rich Particles (hematology)
ATRPAdvanced Technology and Repair Program (USAF)
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These results indicate that the 6FDA-TeMPD-based ABA-type triblock copolymers prepared by the ATRP method are effective for controlling the refractive index while maintaining high transparency across the entire wavelength range.
For example, ATRP can produce a polymer that, once applied in place, forms a gasket seal that offers a combination of oil and heat resistance, adhesiveness, and flexibility.
The fluoroblock copolymers synthesized by ATRP included: poly(styrene)-b-poly(2,3,4,5,6-pentafluorostyrene)-b-poly(2,2,3,4,4,4hexafluorobutyl methacrylate) [PS-b-PFS-b-PHFBMA], a difluoroblock copolymer composed of PS-b-PHFBMA and a homopolymer composed of PHFBMA.
With the addition of vitamin C, glucose, or other electron-absorbing agents, the CM U team found that the copper waste associated with ATRP can be reduced 1.
Effect of Spacer Length on the Liquid Crystalline Property of Azobenzene-Containing ABA-Type Triblock Copolymers via ATRP
2), composition, architecture and functionality [11, 12], ATRP is suitable to polymerize a wide range of monomers (methacrylates, acrylates, styrene, etc.
Polymers with epoxy groups in the side chains have been previously reported using ATRP and have been used for coatings and adhesives applications.
ATRP, NMP, RAFT, GTP) to the development of new wetting and dispersing additives.
Relative Advantages and Limitations of SFRP, ATRP, and DT Processes
Pilot Chemicals Patrick McCarthy, President of ATRP Solutions, spoke at the American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exhibition on August 23rd.
NMP (115) is less preferred in water, due to the high temperatures needed and ATRP (116) suffers from the need to remove copper from the polymer and the problem that acid functional monomers cannot be used in the process.
New Nanostructured Functional Materials for Coatings by ATRP with PPM Amount Copper"--Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Carnegie Mellon University