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ATRRAnnual Transmission Revenue Requirement
ATRRAcceptance Test Readiness Review
ATRRAircrew Training Requirements Review
ATRRAutomatic Target Recognition & Reporting
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A novel zn2-cys6 transcription factor atrr plays a key role in an azole resistance mechanism of Aspergillus fumigatus by co-regulating cyp51A and cdr1B expressions.
(i) Which international assets subject to transfer risk warrant establishment of an ATRR;
(ii) The amount of the ATRR for the specified assets; and
(iii) Whether an ATRR established for specified assets may be reduced.
The Federal banking agencies shall apply the following criteria in determining whether an ATRR is required for particular international assets:
Based on these considerations, the Congress required that banks set aside specific allocated transfer risk reserves (ATRR) against credits that have been impaired by a protracted inability of foreign borrowers to make payments on their external indebtedness.
Much headway already undertaken to resolve the developing country debt crisis could be lost by requiring an ATRR against credits to countries that are following responsible economic and debt-servicing policies.
The committee also recommends the level of charge-off or Allocated Transfer Risk Reserve (ATRR) in those countries where debt service has been interrupted for a protracted period of time.