ATRRSArmy Training Requirements & Resources System (US Army)
ATRRSArmy Training Requirements Reporting System
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Questions regarding courses should be directed first through the local ATRRS Quota Manager or the ATRRS School Manager, Academic Department, at (800) 552-3978, extension 3172.
If the information is in ATRRS, the information may be readily available.
ATRRS was then able to eliminate several levels of approval and many mid-tier processors.
High Tech Regional Training Sites Courses (Listing derived from ATRRS screen for school codes 923- High Tech Tobyhanna, Pa.
The NCOA Student Registration Management System (SRMS) is an online database/management tool that synchronizes ATRRS student/class data with student confirmation of attendance.
Students gain access through ATRRS school code 699.
Five courses are offered and are available via ATRRS.
For a full description of the old course see the ATRRS Catalog at https://atrrs.
First lieutenants and captains may enroll in the C5 via ATRRS.
Information on the following classes can be found in the ATRRS at https://www.
This split was brought to the attention of the NCO Academy with the release of the most recent ATRRS reflecting The Army Training System (TATS) BNCOC Common Core (Phase D and Chemical BNCOC (Phase II).
We have not yet filled the 30 percent of the MTSA funded class seats in ATRRS.