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ATRTAtypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor
ATRTAll The Right Type
ATRTAll Terrain Recon Transport (Star Wars)
ATRTAutomated Test and Re-Test (software testing; US Navy)
ATRTAutomation and Technology Round Table (Texas Library Association)
ATRTAnti-Transmit/Receive Tube
ATRTAverage Token Rotation Time
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On imaging, ATRTs are usually heterogeneous, with solid and cystic/ necrotic components, and commonly demonstrate extensive hemorrhage.
Other tumors that may also be found in the intradural/extramedullary location include ATRTs, meningiomas and paragangliomas.
These include OCT4 for germinoma, [alpha]-inhibin (inhibin A) and D2-40 for CHB, claudin-1 for meningioma, microtubule-associated protein 2 and neuronal nuclei for MDB, and INI1 for ATRT.
Tenders are invited for Valve Required For ATRT Machine.
Jude team showed that, while children with ATRT under three years of age have a dismal prognosis, children older than 3 can be cured by upfront treatment with radiation followed by chemotherapy using so-called alkylating agents (cyclophosphamide, cisplatin, vincristine and etoposide), according to Amar Gajjar, M.