ATRUAuditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University (Chicago, IL)
ATRUApplication Technology Research Unit (USDA)
ATRUAsociación de Travestis del Uruguay (Spanish)
ATRUAirsoft Tactical Recon Unit (Luzon, Philippines)
ATRUAuto-Transformer-Rectifier Unit
ATRUAfrican Radio and Television Union
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(ii) An uncontrolled AC/DC rectifier is used, for example, an ATRU, providing a DC bus voltage that needs to be regulated.
* An ATRU serves to convert the electrical AC power source to DC voltage.
By 2003, the ARS Greenhouse Production Research Group (GPRG), a worksite of ATRU, was fully operational, working to shape the industry's automated future.
Locke and Frantz are at ATRU's Greenhouse Production Research Group worksite at the University of Toledo and the Toledo Botanical Gardens.
Tenders are invited for Construction of pakka check dam and renovation/restoration of whs ps atru
Tenders are invited for Construction of field bunds and perpherial bund ps atru
Tenders are invited for Tanker transportation work under panchayat sameeti atru
Of bore well and submersible pump at division office atru.
Tenders are invited for Annual maintenance contract for auto transformer rectifier unit (atru) of aew and c programme