ATRXAlpha-Thalassemia/Mental Retardation Syndrome, Nondeletion Type, X-Linked
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In the case of the ATRX mutation, the telomere findings gave us information about the mutation's impact that would have been hard to get through other means.
Two other commonly mutated genes, DAXX and ATRX, which had not previously been linked to cancer, also have epigenetic effects on how DNA is read.
Of the samples studied, mutations in DAXX and ATRX were found in 25 percent and 17.
org/content/vol51/ issue7/) were designed to amplify all 35 exons and the consensus splicing sites of the ATRX gene (Entrez Gene ID 546).
Taking into account the time needed to set up and run the PCR and to perform DHPLC analysis, we were able to screen the entire coding region of the ATRX gene in ~16 h compared with 1 week for denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis analysis.
The findings suggest that ATRX mutations might represent a new subtype of neuroblastoma that is more common in older children and young adults.
This suggests we may need to think about different treatment strategies for patients depending on whether or not they have the ATRX mutation," he said.
Prosecutor Christopher Williams told Cardiff Crown Court: "Jordy suffers from an extremely rare and complicated condition called ATRX syndrome, which causes cerebral palsy.
Papadopoulos and his team found that in patients with non-functional pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors, those with mutations in MEN-1, DAXX, and ATRX lived at least 10 years from diagnosis, while more than 60% of patients without these mutations died within five years of diagnosis.
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