ATSAAssociation for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
ATSAAviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001 (USA)
ATSAAmerican Translation Studies Association (now ATISA)
ATSAAutomated Timber Sale Accounting
ATSAAmerican Tactical Shooting Association
ATSAAssembly of Turkish Student Associations
ATSAAdvanced Tactical Support Aircraft
ATSAAircraft Technical Support Association
ATSAAero Tech Service Associates, Inc.
ATSAAdvanced Tactical SIGINT Architecture
ATSAAir Traffic System Analysis
ATSAAccess to Space Agents (NASA)
ATSAAntipodal Tapered-Slot Antenna
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5% Overall comorbidity burden based on arthroplasty type (excluding diabetes) Comorbidities ATSA RTSA 0 16.
Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) (2013) Practice Guidelines for Assessment, Treatment Interventions and Management Strategies for Male Adult Sexual Abusers, ATSA, Beaverton, OR.
143 (2003) (criticizing the ATSA Practice Standard Guidelines and arguing that many sex offender treatment programs are antithetical to traditional mental health ethics).
ATSA is in process of defending the case at the level of Competition Tribunal by taking suitable legal advice, " the filing said.
After 9/11, the program was greatly expanded and, pursuant to ATSA, was transferred from FAA to TSA.
The GAO had previously determined that TSA solicitations and contracts for services did remain part of their jurisdiction because the ATSA limited the bid protest exemption to procurements for equipment, supplies and services.
Most surprising though, was the number of offenders who called ATSA to find out how much money they owed.
The mean score on ATSA was significantly higher for respondents with values 4-1 than for respondents with the value 5 (no likelihood) for all three age-specific LSA questions.
Currently, LanPeru and Nuevo Continente are Peru's main airlines, covering almost 90% of the country's commercial flights, with a smaller amount of air traffic provided by Tans, Taca Peru, Aerocondor, Starup, and ATSA.