ATSBAustralian Transport Safety Bureau
ATSBAir Transportation Stabilization Board (USA)
ATSBAstronautic Technology (M) Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
ATSBArbeiter Turn-und Sport-Bund
ATSBAdvanced Tactical Support Base
ATSBAluminium tri-sec-butoxide
ATSBAll Time Swing Band
ATSBAlberta Transportation Safety Board (Canada)
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HOME SIMULATION Six weeks before the aircraft's disappearance, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah used his home simulator to fly a route that was initially similar to part of the route flown by MH370up the Strait of Malacca, with a left-hand turn and track into the southern Indian Ocean, the ATSB said in its report.
I will be looking to the commission to continue to provide strong leadership to the ATSB as it performs the vital role as Australia's national transport safety investigator.
The ATSB has also invited organizations to submit proposals to conduct the underwater search through a request for tender process.
The ATSB said it will continue to monitor this situation and work with the relevant operators and pilots to help improve fuel management.
The engines are manufactured by Rolls-Royce, which the ATSB said is working with airlines and safety regulators to closely inspect engines of A380 aircraft and remove from service any engine which displays the suspected counter-boring problem.
The development of the RazakSAT satellite system is a collaborative program between ATSB and SaTReC Initiative Co.
For example, risk evaluation factors that underlie ATSB judgment include the borrower's ability to repay the loan by a specific date, adequate assets to secure the guarantee in case of default, and the ability of the lender to administer the loan in full compliance with the requisite standard of care.
ATSB focuses on research and development in the area of design and development of space qualified systems employing advanced and innovative technologies.
ATSB Chief Commissioner Greg Hood invoked the Transport Safety Investigation Act as justification for sealing the information, stating that releasing the information could "damage the international relations of the Commonwealth," (http://www.
The ATSB provided the images of the two sites as part of an update in which it also said a re-scan of the areas indicated they were not related to MH370.
The recent ATSB analysis, which included simulations of various end of flight scenarios, came to the following conclusions The last satellite communication occurred very near the estimated time of fuel exhaustion.
The ship will send survey data to the ATSB and Geoscience Australia which will be used to progressively build a map of the search area.