ATSEAAdvanced Technologies Specializing in Environmental Applications (Delta, BC, Canada)
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Tests of ATSEA s textiles at trial sites in Solund, Norway, Oban, Scotland and Galway, Ireland have produced yields of up to 16 kg of wet seaweed per square metre three to five times the yield of traditional seaweed farming,.
When the seaweed is fully grown, ship-based machines cut the plants from the mats and direct them to flexible storage tanks made from ATSEA s advanced textiles.
In September 2014, ATSEA will start cultivating 200 square metres of mats at each of the three trial sites.
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Eisenhower (CVN 69) atsea Sailors and embarked Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 7 participation in the memorable reenlistment ceremony required hard work and planning.
"There was no much sky, more than atsea, more than anywhere else in the world,' is how Willa Cather's Father LaTour describes Navajoland in her Death Comes for the Archbishop.
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Team SPAWAR is spearheading the AG-6 effort because an atsea communications solution with coalition partners is unlikely to be effective, if it is conceived and developed solely in U.S.
Day Ports of call Country 1 Hull UK 2 Atsea Day eight - Scrabster.
The latter mainly took the form of atsea replenishment of fuel oil and water to U.S., British, French, and other allied warships operating in the Indian Ocean.
BULLISH on Antrim Plateau yesterday ALL ATSEA Stranded tanker off Co Down EWE COLD?
ALSO AVAILABLE Day Ports of call Country 1 Hull UK 2 Atsea 3 Oslo Norway 4 Copenhagen Denmark 5 Atsea 6 Helsinki Finland 7 St.