ATSEMAgents Territoriaux Spécialisés des Ecoles Maternelles (French: Territorial Specialized Kindergarten Agents; est. 1992)
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These benefits are broken down into 11 lots, the allocation will be performed in separate market - Lot # 1: Workwear signaling and EPI - (prize awarded)- Lot # 2: safety shoes and work boots - (prize awarded)- Lot 3: Clothing for maintenance staff, catering, and health ATSEM - (prize awarded)- Lot # 4: Street clothes - (prize awarded)- Lot # 5: Sportswear,- Lot # 6: Hearing Protection - (prize awarded)- Lot # 7: Work clothes for staff car parks and cemeteries guards,- Lot # 8: Local Police: General services and mesh clothing - (prize awarded)- Lot # 9: Local Police: Clothes from above - (prize awarded)- Lot No.
Necessary to officials of the joint services and the CCAS Bourgoin (building services, sports, parking, roads, parks, street cleaning, maintenance, and educational and cultural ATSEM restoration).
gt; Restructuring / extension of the kindergarten (creating a class and an additional rest room, extension adult spaces (office manager and dining ATSEM, setting accessibility PMR, thermal redevelopment of the building .
Work program: - creation of two additional classrooms in kindergarten and two additional classrooms in elementary school - creating a school for kindergarten restaurant (88 seats) and elementary school (120 places) - functional improvements including the construction of new facilities such as room masters, games room, local ATSEM, science room, art room, rest room, and rehabilitation room RASED - upgrading to regard to fire regulations and accessibility for people with reduced mobility - heritage renovation of all buildings (roofs, exterior joinery, sunscreens, renovation and insulation of facades, interior coatings recovery, resumption of technical installations).