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ATSFAtchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (railway)
ATSFActors Theatre of San Francisco (est. 1989; San Francisco, CA)
ATSFArrow Technical Solutions Forum (technology seminar)
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The ATSF took "prominently" seriously; that road always painted the number in enormous figures on the side of a loco's tender.
Other systems exhibited increases in management employment prior to 1981; for example, ATSF, CNW, CSX, SP, and UP.
For some systems, such as ATSF and BN, total M&P employment increases gradually after 1976, peaking in the early 1980s and decreasing by 1989 to approximately the level of 1976 employment.
The level of total management employment in 1989 compared to 1976 for the systems can be summarized with respect to the sample average as follows: (1) reflecting sample average - CR, CNW, GTW, FEC, NS, and SP; (2) reduction below sample average (downsizing) - CSX, ICG, and SOO; and (3) increase relative to sample average - ATSF, BN, KCS, and UP.(7) The most substantial downsizing of management relative to 1976 (1976 = 100) is reflected by ICG, 1989 = 21.
Systems exhibiting relatively consistent ratios between general office and division management executives after 1983 include ATSF, GTW, KCS, and SOO.
The data suggest that the least amount of structural change in the numbers of managers reported in different subcategories between 1984 and 1989 has occurred in the ATSF system.
Management employment was summed for all systems that had not merged since 1984: ATSF; BN; CR; CNW; KCS; and SP; and all systems that had implemented merger shortly before, during, or after 1984: CSX; NS; SOO; and UP.(8) The merged group includes two systems (CSX and SOO) which have exhibited substantial downsizing of most categories of management, and two systems (NS and UP) that have displayed more modest decreases or increases in certain categories of management.
Appendix A Railrod Names, Abbreviations, Years Observed Railroad Abbreviation Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe ATSF Chicago & Northwestern CNW Consolidated Rail Corp.