ATSIAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Australia)
ATSIAssociation of TeleServices International
ATSIAssociation of Thai Software Industry
ATSIAmerican Transmission Systems, Inc.
ATSIAssociation of Telemessaging Services International
ATSIAsosiasi Telekomunikasi Seluler Indonesia (Association of Indonesian Cellular Operators)
ATSIAero Transcription Service, Inc. (Baltimore, MD)
ATSIArcus Technology Services Inc
ATSIAlias TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) Subscriber Identity (telecommunications)
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Each year ATSI coordinates an annual conference that consists of an education program and a trade show & exposition.
Data from the Children's, Local and Higher Courts include a profile of sex, age, ATSI status and current location (measured at various levels--including Postcode, Local Government Area and Statistical Divisions) for each particular court appearance.
ATSI is active in the development of pollution control equipment and technology for the safe rendering of volatile organic compounds and toxic exhaust gases.
ATSI suggests that companies check their toll-free numbers regularly at different times of the day and week to make sure they are ringing to their business.
Randy Poole, president of ATSI, stated, "The switch gives ATSI the ability to get closer to the end user, which is part of our borderless strategy, while enhancing our ability to control costs.
Thermo Credit, a funding company focused exclusively on opportunities within the communications industry, provided the asset based loan to assist ATSI with corporate growth.
According to their website, ATSI was founded in 1942 and represents 400 of the most sophisticated TeleService agencies in the world; all ATSI members are required to adhere to a specific code of ethics that help to maintain high standards in the teleservices industries.
This acquisition will provide significant opportunities for Arpin Van Lines' agents to pack and haul shipments that are booked by ATSI," said David Arpin, president and CEO of Arpin Group.
NEXT") announced today that it has established a strategic alliance with ATSI Communicaciones S.
ATSI drives both financial and independent sales organization (ISO) ATMs, with over 12,000 machines on-line by the end of 2006.
The adaptability and durability of the Sphere BCS makes it an ideal platform for us to build our business on," said Mike Thom, founder and president, ATSI, a national value added reseller providing communications and networking solutions and services.
Cleveland is an attractive market for ATSI and we look forward to growing our business by offering our proven model of helping our youth achieve their potential through academic and vocational training," said Clark Hayes, chief executive of ATSI, which employs about 800 and has annual revenue of about $28 million.