ATSIAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Australia)
ATSIAssociation of TeleServices International
ATSIAmerican Technology Solutions International
ATSIAdvanced Technology Solutions, Inc.
ATSIAdvanced Technology Services, Inc. (Arizona)
ATSIAssociation of Thai Software Industry
ATSIAmerican Transmission Systems, Inc.
ATSIAnderson Trucking Service, Inc. (various locations)
ATSIAssociation of Telemessaging Services International
ATSIAsosiasi Telekomunikasi Seluler Indonesia (Association of Indonesian Cellular Operators)
ATSIAlias TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) Subscriber Identity (telecommunications)
ATSIAero Transcription Service, Inc. (Baltimore, MD)
ATSIArcus Technology Services Inc
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Not only will this years funding allocation help our ATSI councils upgrade roads and drive safety, it will also support local jobs, adding to the 21,500 generated through our $23 billion, four-year roads program for Queensland.
(2) As Mar (2014) notes, "There are tensions in utilising ATSI artists to fulfill public diplomacy objectives of presenting Australia as pluralistic, multicultural and democratic when difficult issues of Indigenous poverty, health status, and social inclusion are well known" (p.
The acquisition complements ATSI's existing collection of brands, which includes Trakstar, Reviewsnap, and Recruiterbox, and allows ATSI to further its mission of delivering a people management platform that helps find, train, and motivate great employees.
?is algoritmas buvo parinktas atsi?velgiant i duomenu prieinamuma duomenu bazese bei jo sudetinguma.
The level of disadvantage varied according to ATSI status and family composition; jobseekers who were non-Indigenous or from single pa rent families experienced slightly higher levels of disadvantage compared to jobseekers from AT5I and couple pa rent families.
The first step included child and family demographics (gender, age, ATSI, LBOTE, SEP); the second step incorporated the Wave 1 scores on the PPVTIII and WAI; the third step included children's scores on the SDQ (Problem behaviour); and in the final step of each regression, teacher ratings of children's self-regulatory behaviour were added.
Council Socio Population Length ATSI (%) Economic Density of Roads Rating (capita/ (km) [km.sup.2]) Balranald 33 0.1 1328 6.8 Bogan 40 0.2 1352 14.4 Bombala 45 0.6 629 2 Boorowa 74 1 608 2 Bourke 37 0.1 1883 30.2 Carrathool 76 0.1 2300 6.6 Central Darling 2 0.04 1602 38.3 Coolamon 80 1.8 1275 2.6 Coonamble 6 0.4 1393 29.3 Gilgandra 16 0.9 1293 12.2 Gundagai 64 1.5 694 2.5 Guyra 27 1.1 842 10 Harden 35 2 768 4.5 Hay 21 0.3 777 5.5 Lockhart 102 1 1488 2.5 Murrumbidgee 25 0.7 590 10.2 Tumbarumba 59 0.8 465 2.4 Wakool 82 0.5 1281 2.5 Walcha 84 0.5 807 7.4 Warren 49 0.3 964 13.3 Weddin 52 1.1 968 1.8 Group Mean 48 0.72 1109.9 9.86 State Mean 76 780.9 945.36 5.3 Council Unemployment Average No.
Moody's sovereign rating analyst Atsi Sheth said said that the GDP forecast hinges on three parameters.
When we examined bivariate associations between patients' demographic and clinical characteristics and PD-related peritonitis, only ATSI ethnicity was significant (see Table 2).
southern European peers, especially since 2009," said Atsi Sheth, Senior
"We were not expecting big bang reforms," said Atsi Sheth, a Moody's sovereign ratings analyst." The big bang reforms are also not desirable because they have a higher chance of rollback." India's budget concentrates a year's economic policymaking into a single speech, and the range of measures Jaitley announced included a monetary policy overhaul, a bankruptcy code and the creation of a public debt management agency.
There are two prominent models of ageing in the Australian Indigenous context: the first posits that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people age prematurely; the second focuses on the valuable social and cultural roles Indigenous elders and older adults perform in a number of settings.