ATSIAAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs (Australia)
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The scope of delegated assimilation powers during the assimilation era also chimed with the protectionist period, with the Queensland Governor-in-Council given powers 'necessary, desirable or convenient' for carrying the ATSIA Act into effect or for 'better achieving the objects and purposes of [the] Act', (119) as well as a host of specific powers (120) relating to, inter alia: the 'preservation, development, assimilation, integration, education, training and employment of assisted Aborigines'; (121) 'health and medical treatment'; (122) 'inspection of reserves'; (123) the granting of, and conditions upon, aid (money or in kind) given; (124) and the establishment of trust funds for the management and control of property and the estates of deceased or missing persons.
This continued via the instruments of assimilation: see, eg, ATSIA Act ss 10, 15; Native Welfare Act 1963 (WA) s 7(f).