ATSIAAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs (Australia)
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Obviously we did a blend of Kadodo and Atsia, as we did not have any male dancers in this ensemble.
The scope of delegated assimilation powers during the assimilation era also chimed with the protectionist period, with the Queensland Governor-in-Council given powers 'necessary, desirable or convenient' for carrying the ATSIA Act into effect or for 'better achieving the objects and purposes of [the] Act', (119) as well as a host of specific powers (120) relating to, inter alia: the 'preservation, development, assimilation, integration, education, training and employment of assisted Aborigines'; (121) 'health and medical treatment'; (122) 'inspection of reserves'; (123) the granting of, and conditions upon, aid (money or in kind) given; (124) and the establishment of trust funds for the management and control of property and the estates of deceased or missing persons.
(114) Aborigines' and Torres Strait Islanders' Affairs Act 1965 (Qld) ss 27-31, 34 ('ATSIA Act') provided that 'assisted Aborigine[s]' could have their property and estates managed and could be transferred to and from reserves.