ATSICAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission
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Just 3 years prior to the Intervention's 2007 launching, in 2004, Howard's Coalition government decisively abolished the elected national Indigenous representative body of ATSIC. In so doing, Howard declared 'the failure of self-determination' (Anderson 2007) and ushered in a new era of Indigenous social policy characterized by the principles of 'mutual obligation' which ultimately entailed a punitive approach to engineer individual behavioural change (Strakosch 2015).
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These events included the History Wars, the disbanding of ATSIC and the Northern Territory National Emergency Response (widely known as 'The Intervention').
The association between CDEP employment and a range of economic and social outcomes has been the subject of a number of studies (for example, ATSIC 1997; Altman et al.
Office of Evaluation and Audit (1997) Evaluation of the Community Development Employment Projects Program: Final Report, Canberra: ATSIC.
There is now an increased recognition that any study of Indigenous tourism should be used to facilitate Indigenous people in determining their own engagement and the means by which this engagement is managed (ATSIC, 1997; Nepal, 2004; Rigney, 1997).
In 2000 two sets of analyses constructed indices of socio-economic outcomes at the area level for the Indigenous population, both using ATSIC Regions as their unit of analysis.
Since the departure of Galarrwuy Yunupingu from the chairmanship of the Northern Land Council, and the death of Gatjil Djerrkura, the inaugural chairman of ATSIC, there had been no stand-out Aboriginal leader operating in the Territory, whether man or woman, firebrand or considerate, urban- or bush-based, from within politics or from its outskirts.
The 1990s-on have been marked by a series of events: military participation in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; the brutal treatment of asylum seekers; the destruction of the elected national Indigenous body, ATSIC; the erosion of union rights in industrial relations; the 'intervention' into Northern Territory Aboriginal communities; attempted exposures of 'communists' of the past; the introduction of Voluntary Student Unionism; the rise of 'men's rights'; the depiction of feminism as extreme and/or passe, and the framing of the Gold Coast doctor, Mohamed Haneef, for 'terrorism' are among the examples of ideological offensives.
Research for the grant was supported by the ARC grants Polysemy and Semantic' Change in Australian Languages (1992-1996) and Prosody and Intonation in Australian languages (1999-2000), and by a grant from ATSIC to the Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation to support production of an initial dictionary of Dalabon; we are most grateful to these organizations for their support.
Lawrence also discusses our response to the muzzling and persecution of the courts, the CSIRO, Immigration Department staff, ATSIC, school teachers and school curricula as indicative of just how 'relaxed and comfortable' we can be when the government applies its blowtorch.
I haven't noticed any move to disband the State Governments in question despite allegations of behaviour by some of their ministers or former ministers that at first glance are far worse than any of the as yet unproved allegations cast at former members of the ATSIC Board.