ATSISJCAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner (Australia)
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According to some observers, it has also frustrated the government's welfare reform agenda by limiting the number of remote-living Aboriginal people in receipt of unemployment payments and therefore subject to welfare measures such as income management (ATSISJC, 2008; Siewert, 2009; Toohey, 2008).
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner (ATSISJC) (2008) Social Justice Report 2007, Sydney: Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.
Between 1986 and 1991 there was no overall reduction in this backlog (ATSISJC 1996:78-9).
(4.) Indigenous infant and perinatal mortality rates are three times those of the general population, and Indigenous life expectancy is about twenty years less (ATSISJC 1994:99).
A large proportion of the submissions received recognised the inadequacies of the current Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) and allied intellectual property laws in protecting Indigenous collective rights to intellectual property; new legislation was advocated specifically to protect Indigenous intellectual property (ATSISJC 1995:191 and also Janke 1998).