ATSLAlong the Same Line
ATSLAverage Time Spent Listening (Internet radio)
ATSLAssociated Transrail Structures Ltd. (India)
ATSLAdvanced Technology Systems Laboratory (Clemson University; Clemson, SC)
ATSLAll the Single Ladies
ATSLAda Technology Support Laboratory
ATSLAbove the Sea Level
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The major purpose of this research was to develop and validate an Attitude towards Science Learning Scale (AtSL) that can be confidently used in students of schools in Pakistan.
It was named as Attitude towards Science Learning Scale (AtSL).
Head teachers of selected schools were contacted and after having the consent and discussion with respective class teachers the data was collected from respective grades of each school, the researcher himself visited the 9 schools of both districts (Sargodha and Lahore).and administered the attitude towards science learning scale (AtSL) for standardization of administration procedure for controlling external sources of error.
The ATSL management and design engineers have a wealth of experience having worked in the industry for over 25 years.
Having a manufacturing area comprising 20,000 sqft, this enables all steelwork, process tanks, track and transporter units to be fabricated in-house by ATSL engineers.
As part of the new deal, GMR Energy, a subsidiary of GMR Infrastructure Limited, will transfer 74% equity interest in MTSL and 49% equity interest in ATSL to ATL.
ATL will also have an option to obtain the remaining stakes in both MTSL and ATSL.
Aviation Technology Services Ltd (ATSL) as a name is in some ways misleading to new and potential customers.
One of the key policies implemented by ATSL is 'total in house manufacturing'.
Through ATSL, Thales also successfully delivered the training school building at the end of March.
John Green, Executive Vice President of Sales for Asylum Research said, We are very excited about adding ATSL to our family of world-wide distributors.
This addition is a good fit with our focus on Israeli markets that include nanotech, surface science and materials characterization, said, Gil Amzalag, Co-CEO of ATSL.