ATSOAustralian Technical Standard Order (Civilian Aviation Safety Authority; Australia)
ATSOAir Traffic Service Organization (ICAO)
ATSOAbility To Survive & Operate
ATSOAdvanced Technology and Software Operations Office
ATSOAnatolia Turkish Student Organization (Michigan State University; East Lansing, MI)
ATSOAssociation of Tattoo Studio Owners
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We want to help one of our regions to sign a cooperation protocol with the ATSO, Kolesnik said.
Ambassador Kolesnik extended an invitation to an ATSO delegation to visit Belarus.
There are six companies registered with the ATSO that were formed as partnerships with Belarussian groups.
ATSO provides support to the programs in a variety of ways - engineering assistance, project management, range safety, weather information and other logistical support.
ATSO helped develop the plan for the construction of the X-33's launch pad, located near Haystack Butte on the southeastern portion of the base.
ATSO is providing project management and coordinating the recovery of the X-38 vehicles, which are dropped from a modified B-52 bomber.
ATSO is a Woman Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE) specializing in enterprise resource planning (ERP) installation and maintenance services.
com alliance with ATSO will help customers meet their minority participation goals.
Our alliance with Wareforce will provide ATSO customers with the complete technical support services that they require," stated Andrene T.