ATSPAsymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem
ATSPAssociation of Telemedicine Service Providers
ATSPAmerican Tree Sparrow
ATSPAir Traffic Service Provider (FAA term for all disciplines of air traffic controllers)
ATSPAdvanced Technology Support Program (precompeted umbrella contracting vehicle)
ATSPADTRAN Technical Support Professional
ATSPAssociazione Treni Storici Puglia (Association of Historical Trains in Puglia; Taranto, Italy)
ATSPAsked to See Patient
ATSPAcademic Technology Support Personnel
ATSPAssociation pour la Promotion des Soins Palliatifs (French: Association for Promotion of Palliative Care)
ATSPAgreed To Strategy & Plan (insurance providers and litigators)
ATSPAdvanced Tactical Supervisor's Panel
ATSPApplications Telecommunications Service Provider (IPX)
ATSPAll Things Steve Perry (fan forum)
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The ATSP is a critical method that the Combined Forces Command employs using the ROK's abundance of very capable airports that are often in close proximity to seaports and road and rail networks with well-developed infrastructure.
As an objective, ATSP Solver maximizes the benefit function F.
The sequence in which the targets are visited is represented by binary ATSP variables [x.
Due to the importance of risk as a factor in Antiterrorism Program and mission planning and execution, risk implications are woven throughout the fabric of the ATSP goals and objectives.
While final answers to these questions are still under development, CFC and ATSP Working Group planners have nevertheless reached 10 interim conclusions that help light the way ahead for airbase-opening operations in the KTO and in other combined environments.
There are about 170 telemedicine programs in the United States, according to the ATSP report.
9] The ATSP survey points to several barriers that continue to plague proliferation of telemedicine projects.
Tenders are invited for atsp - maintenance of dhindukombu valaymapura in kanthalloor grama panchayath
The ATSP represents a continuation of efforts to improve terrorism protection throughout the Army; yet, it is far more than routine.
Tenders are invited for atsp - kanthalloor grama panchayath - maintenance of dhindukombu comminity hall in kanthalloor grama panchayath
The introduction to the ATSP (signed by then Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army, G-3/5/7, Lieutenant General [now General] James D.
The company specializes in technology and consultation service for small and medium-sized organizations, especially as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner carrying other certifications and competencies with Toshiba, Interactive Intelligence, ShoreTel, OAISYS, AdTran, SpectraLink, Cisco Systems, Philips Lifeline, ATSP Internetworking, Vodavi, IBM, HP, 3COM, Tadiran, and many others.