ATSRAlong-Track Scanning Radiometer
ATSRArgonne Thermal Source Reactor
ATSRAssociation pour les Techniques et les Sciences de la Radioprotection (French: Association for Science and Technology of Radiation)
ATSRAssociation Tunisienne de la Santé de la Reproduction (French: Tunisian Association of Reproductive Health; est. 1968; Tunisia)
ATSRAircraft Technics Services La Rochelle (aircraft maintenance; La Rochelle, France)
ATSRAgency for Toxic Substance Registry
ATSRAssociation Touristique de la Suisse Romande (French: Romandy Switzerland Tourism Association; Switzerland)
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Mr Kerr joins Ferno from ATSR, a Ferno Group company based in Ireland, where he was employed as UK sales manager for the Acetech product.
All cloud masks from ATSR instruments (ATSR-1/2/ and AATSR) are optimised for ocean use; therefore, it is necessary that improvements are made in the instruments before the scheme can be applied for land (Simpson et al.
Williams, saddened to be losing the atsr of her stable, paid tribute to Teeton Mill, saying: "He was a magnificent horse and it was a great privilege to have had the pleasure of training him.
With more than 300 contestants taking part, Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) successfully concluded the sixth edition of the Aspire Torch Staircase Run (ATSR 2018) on Saturday, 10th of November.
TEMIS ( provides global datasets of trace gases, aerosols, and UV products obtained from satellite instruments such as SCHIAMACHY (SCanning Imaging Absorption SpectroMeter for Atmospheric CHartographY), GOME (Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment), and ATSR (Along-Track Scanning Radiometer).
Vigilancia sistematica da atmosfera do planeta, realizada pela Agencia Espacial Europeia (ATSR, 2011), mostra que a regiao do Brasil Central e a parte sul e oriental da Amazonia sao identificadas como areas de maior ocorrencia cumulativa anual de incendios na superficie do planeta.
The 2018 edition of the Aspire Torch Staircase Run (ATSR 2018), will offer sports enthusiasts the ultimate challenge of endurance, as runners will have to make their way to the top of the 300m tower to the 51st floor, climbing more than 1300 steps.
TABLA I VARIABLES ESTIMADAS A PARTIR DE ALGUNOS SENSORES REMOTOS Variable Sensor Aerosoles AVHRR, SeaWiFS, MODIS, MISR, ATSR Altura de la superficie del mar TOPEX/POSEIIDON, ERS2 Clorofila a (Chl-a) CZCS, SeaWiFS, MODIS Fluorescencia MODIS Temperatura superficial del mar AVHRR, MODIS, TMI, ATSR (TSM) Velocidad de viento QuickScat, ERS2