ATSSAssociation of Traumatic Stress Specialists
ATSSAutomatic Train Surveillance System
ATSSAirway Transportation System Specialist (FAA)
ATSSAda Target Sensor Subsystem Study
ATSSAdvanced Tactical Support System
ATSSAssociation of Track and Structure Suppliers
ATSSAutomated Test Support System
ATSSAutomated Telephone Switching System (AT&T)
ATSSAir Transportation Support System
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Untreated SSP preserves the natural properties of proteins, calcium and chitins, unlike ATSS whereby demineralization occurred.
The next step was the move for the clients to Onemda, a community based ATSS.
The clients attending Onemda came from their family home or a Community Residential Unit to Onemda ATSS.
Clients attending Onemda met people at the ATSS and this was extended with the introduction of the clients and staff from Kew Cottages.