ATSSAssociation of Traumatic Stress Specialists
ATSSAmerican Tree Service Supply (Greenville, RI)
ATSSAutomatic Tuning and Sorting System (TV system)
ATSSAutomatic Train Surveillance System
ATSSAirway Transportation System Specialist (FAA)
ATSSAdvanced Tactical Support System
ATSSAda Target Sensor Subsystem Study
ATSSAssociation of Track and Structure Suppliers
ATSSAutomated Telephone Switching System (AT&T)
ATSSAutomated Test Support System
ATSSAir Transportation Support System
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The clients attending Onemda came from their family home or a Community Residential Unit to Onemda ATSS.
There are now three principal types of trading venues: stock exchanges, alternative trading systems (ATSs), and non-ATS off-exchange trade, which is mostly internalization.
FINRA found that Instinet failed to generally disclose on new account documentation provided to entities that traded in the firm's ATSs, the firm's website, and other marketing materials that, on occasion, it may trade within its ATSs in a principal capacity when processing errors.
The effect of director and officer ownership does not simply attenuate the impact of ATSs across the board.
(119) Those ATSs that self-regulate are required to register as exchanges and adhere to exchange regulations as set forth by the SEC.
Third, the alternative trading systems (ATSs), which are computers that match customer orders to buy and sell without the intermediation of a dealer.
transparency of exchanges versus the opaqueness of ATSs and
The bank has stated that the new algos are being introduced partly as a response to a range of changes in the Canadian marketplace since 2007, including the proliferation of ATSs, the increase of dark liquidity and order types, and the growth of algorithmic trading.
The automatic transfer switches (ATSs) then signal load connectivity by priority in a predefined priority sequence.
the large broker-dealer firms as well as Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs), the best known of which are Electronic Communications Networks
disconcerting for a class of alternative trading systems (ATSs)