ATSWAssessment of Teaching Skills Written
ATSWAtlantic Temperate Slope Water (marine ecosystems)
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This researcher collected predictor data for each student--SAT verbal scores, SAT math scores, SAT total scores, high school GPA (HSGPA), college GPA (CGPA), and major GPA (MGPA); and indicators of success data--LAST total score, LAST category scores, ATS-W total scores, ATS-W category scores, number of times attempted to pass the LAST, and number of times attempted to pass the ATSW.
The previously mentioned results led this researcher to continue to investigate the impact of the SAT scores as a predictor of the various aspects of the LAST and ATSW tests.
Table 2 Correlation Matrix of ATS-W Indicators of Success and Predictor Variables LAST--# ATSW Total of Times LAST Total Pearson Correlation 1 -.168 Sig.