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ATTAPAlliance of Travel and Tour Agencies of Pampanga (Philippines)
ATTAPAll Things to All People
ATTAPAdvanced Turbine Technology Applications Project
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However, ATTAP requires 3500 hours of durability testing.
Based on the measured component performance from the AGT and ATTAP programs, the projected fuel economu of the reference powertrain design turbine-powered vehicle should be as mentioned earlier.
people living in attap dwellings make them a political force of some magnitude and the banding together of such persons into protective associations are discouragements to rapid clearance'.
Someone could visit, he added, 'if he likes to risk his personal safety, such unauthorised kampongs of attap huts'.
In the early 1950s, when the SIT and City Council attempted to demolish unauthorised attap dwellings, a Chinese newspaper hailed the dwellers' resistance as akin to "'a lion's roar' from the oppressed people" (Nanyang Siang Pau 1 May 1954).
even with the best system of documentation, attap dwellings can sometimes be the most difficult to locate.
lifeIO is the brainchild of Bruce Spector, founder & CEO of ATTAP, a New York City-based developer of web-based software aimed at helping to fulfill the promise of the web.
In web applications, design is extremely important," says Bruce Spector, Founder & CEO of ATTAP Technologies, Inc.
Open Source: ATTAP Technologies is pleased to contribute a preview version of Jitsu to the open source community.
LifeIO is the brainchild of ATTAP Technologies, Inc.
Our personal opinions on everything we care about are what define each of us as individuals," said Bruce Spector, founder and CEO of ATTAP Technologies, Inc.
We hope it will evolve into a relationship awareness tool that can provide greater insight into how to better relate to others," said Bruce Spector, founder and CEO of ATTAP Technologies, Inc.