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ATTAPAll Things to All People
ATTAPAdvanced Turbine Technology Applications Project
ATTAPAlliance of Travel and Tour Agencies of Pampanga (Philippines)
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An owl hooted far away, exulting in the delight of deep gloom in dense foliage; overhead lizards ran in the attap thatch, calling softly; the dry leaves of the roof rustled; the rumour of mingled voices grew louder suddenly.
lifeIO is the brainchild of Bruce Spector, founder & CEO of ATTAP, a New York City-based developer of web-based software aimed at helping to fulfill the promise of the web.
In web applications, design is extremely important," says Bruce Spector, Founder & CEO of ATTAP Technologies, Inc.
Open Source: ATTAP Technologies is pleased to contribute a preview version of Jitsu to the open source community.
LifeIO is the brainchild of ATTAP Technologies, Inc.
Our personal opinions on everything we care about are what define each of us as individuals," said Bruce Spector, founder and CEO of ATTAP Technologies, Inc.
The underlying ATTAP technology dynamically delivers the web's first cross-category product and topic recommendations to riffrs (people who rate any topic on the site) based on opinions you express as well as those of like-minded individuals.
While the site provides the ability for users to exchange and compare test results, ATTAP does not require email addresses.
We hope it will evolve into a relationship awareness tool that can provide greater insight into how to better relate to others," said Bruce Spector, founder and CEO of ATTAP Technologies, Inc.