ATTBAdvanced Technology Transit Bus
ATTBAge Tendre et Tête de Bois (French: Tender Age and Wooden Head; online forum)
ATTBAss to the Blast
ATTBAssociation pour Techniques Thermiques de Belgique (French: Thermal Technology Association of Belgium)
ATTBAssociation de Tennis de Table du Breuil (French: Table Tennis Association of Breuil; Breuil, France)
ATTBAssociation des Tradithérapeutes du Bélédougou (French: Beledugu Association of Traditional Healers; Mali)
ATTBAssociation de Tennis de Table de Berneuil-sur-Aisne (French: Berneuil-sur-Aisne Table Tennis Association; Berneuil-sur-Aisne, France)
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The ATTB weighs one-third less than current buses and is propelled by electric motors on the rear wheels.
The MTA expects the ATTB to become the new standard transit bus for the 21st century," said Drew.
The ATTB can accommodate a number of different kinds of fuels," said Franklin E.
As ATTB development continues, there will no doubt be many changes and configurations, especially with the rapid pace of fuel technology advancement," White said.
It is hoped that the life expectancy of an ATTB bus will be much longer than a conventional bus.
The ATTB project is a major opportunity for the traditional defense and aerospace companies in Southern California to develop leading-edge technology in the emerging surface transportation industry," said MTA Chief Executive Officer Franklin E.
Phase Two of the ATTB program, a year-long design validation project, is scheduled to begin in October at a total cost of $10.
The MTA, along with Northrop's ATTB Team, also has been seeking continued funding from the FTA.
The interest in the ATTB goes far beyond the MTA and Los Angeles," said White.
Prior to beginning the project, ATTB Team engineers visited these cities to discuss their transit bus needs.
In designing the new bus, the Northrop ATTB Team is re-engineering every facet of a project that has hardly changed in 30 years or more.