ATTDAdvanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes
ATTDAdvanced Technology Transition Demonstration
ATTDAlcohol and Tobacco Tax Division (now US ATF)
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The NE concentrations in diets affected the ATTD of DM, CP, AEE, and OM in diets.
Two original research papers were presented from Kerala at the ATTD.
The feed intake, GE intake, fecal excretion of GE and the DE, ME, and ATTD of GE in wheat diets decreased (p < 0.
The annual ATTD conference is the leading diabetes technology meeting in Europe, and Sanofi will showcase its commitment to advancing therapeutic solutions and diabetes care technology aimed at improving patient outcomes.
nutrient] is the AID or ATTD of a nutrient or energy in the diet (%), [nutrient.
Moreover, the value for STTD of P is considered more additive than the ATTD in mixed diets (Almeida and Stein, 2010), which enables an accurate formulation swine diets.
Andreas Caduff, Solianis Chief Technology Officer, to the world's leading diabetes experts at the most important international conferences such as the "2nd International ATTD Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD)" in Athens, the meetings of the "American Diabetes Association" and the "European Association for the Study of Diabetes".
Experiment 1 : The DE and ME content, ATTD of GE and the ME to DE ratio in the soybean products are presented in Table 6.
The ATTD of Ca in corn, soybean meal, canola meal, meat and bone meal, and calcium carbonate (Bohlke et al.