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ATTEAtentamente (Spanish: attentively; equivalent of sincerely, written salutation)
ATTEAssociazione Ticinese Terza Età (Italian: Ticinese Senior Citizens Association)
ATTEAdvanced Training for Trainers in Europe (youth trainers program)
ATTEAll Terrain Tactical Enforcer (Star Wars)
ATTEAir Traffic Teamwork Enhancement (air traffic controller training)
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I can't quite pinpoint how I feel about Atte's achievement.
For example, Katherine atte Borwe, cited before the dean of Salisbury for not consorting with her husband Philip, was accused also of refusing to "share any of her goods with him." (88) Because cases of husband-desertion frequently revolved around money and the division of property, it is not surprising that women from the land-owning class made an appearance in these records.
Fletcher, ~Black, White and Grey in Hali Meithhad and Ancrene Wisse', ME, lxii (1993), 69-78.) The Atte wrastlinge sermon was probably composed sometime in the second half of the thirteenth century (E.
Finally, many thanks to all those who atte at nded the church and who gave so generously to The Alzheimer''s Society and Cancer Research UK.
Finish couple, Atte Kaleva and Layla Kaleva, were held hostage with Neubauer and released last week along with the Austrian.
Summary: Dubai-based climber Atte Miettinen has joined an elite group of just 350 mountaineers by completing the Seven Summits challenge, conquering the highest peaks on each continent.
* Nathan Cleverly with under-14 winners Glantaf * Freestyler world record holder Ash Randall shows off his skills WBO light-heavyweight champion Nathan Cleverly atte ended the Street Soccer 3v3 event.
In a linguistic process known as metanalysis, the 'r' from atter was shifted onto the 'e', becoming 'atte re'.
Atte Uola had three goals and an assist for the Greyhounds (5-17-1).
Chuck Harrison 65 Former jockey to Atte Persse & Arthur Budgett