ATTFAll Tripura Tiger Force
ATTFAircraft Tracking Task Force (International Air Transport Association)
ATTFAuto Theft Task Force
ATTFAnti-Terrorism Task Force
ATTFAgence de Transfert de Technologie Financière (French: Financial Technology Transfer Agency; Luxembourg)
ATTFAssociation des Techniciens Supérieurs Territoriaux de France (French: Association of Senior Territorial Technicians of France)
ATTFAir Toxics Task Force
ATTFAll Things That Fly (podcast)
ATTFAdvanced Technology Task Force (US DOT)
ATTFAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Foundation
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According to NGO reports, the ATTF raided and arrested the managers of several karaoke bars and other establishments for alleged sex trafficking; in each case, the owners of the establishment absconded prior to the raid, leading to suspicions of advance warning from internal police contacts.
Many top leaders of a number of outfits, including the ULFA, NLFT, ATTF and KLO were reportedly based in Dhaka, Chittagong and other cities.
IATA invited ICAO and key stakeholders throughout the aviation industry to participate in the ATTF. The first meeting of the group was held on 13 May 2014.
Over the next few months, the ATTF will develop a set of performance-based recommendations to better ensure global aircraft tracking-- meaning that there will likely be a number of options that airlines can consider.
L'ATTF cite a titre d'exemple le projet d'octroi a la societe Qatar Petroleum d'une raffinerie "de gre a gre, sans appel d'offre, sans respect des lois en vigueur ni des regles de concurrence loyale".
The meeting was chaired by general secretary of the Arab Olympic Committees Othman El Saad and attended by senior members of the ATTF, Arab federations' representatives and other officials.
In Charlotte, North Carolina, the work of an ATTF produced the convictions of twenty individuals involved in a massive interstate cigarette smuggling operation with the purpose of funding Hizballah.
"The remainder will be met by the Air Travel Trust Fund (ATTF), which is paid for by contributions from tour operators, and the bank facility which is partly guaranteed by the Government.
(32) One example of this new type of credit union was the AT&T Family Federal Credit Union (ATTF).
Luxembourg's Agency for the Transfer of Financial Technology (ATTF) has consistently provided training and acted as a consultant in money laundering matters to government and banking officials in countries whose regimes are in the development stage.
(79) The Philippine government disestablished COCIS in October 2004 and transferred its related responsibilities to the Anti-Terrorism Task Force (ATTF), which had been formed on 24 March 2004.