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ATTISAmerican Telephone & Telegraph Information Systems
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ATTIS will intelligently combine the output of the object classifier and statistical and behavioral analysis modules to perform the final threat level identification.
This interpretation is corroborated by the very choice of the word ebria that qualifies Ilias Atti.
Credit to Devon, who kept going and were rewarded with two late tries from impressive fullback Gareth Elspin, both of which were converted by Attis.
What you realize after watching Attis is that Greek tragedy is so powerful precisely because it exposes raw emotion.
64; so married, she may be seen as forced to exist in a state of perpetual madness, in a way similar, though certainly not identical, to that of Attis.
45 simul ipsa pectore Attis sua facta recoluit, 56 cupit ipsa pupula ad te sibi derigere aciem and 85 ferus ipse sese adhortans ra<b>idum incitat anim<um>.
Naw," Richard says but Attis nails him with a slit-eyed look.
TEESSIDE wheelchair basketballer Chris Attis admits he will never forget the experience of helping Great Britain win gold at the inaugural Invictus Games.
Joel Attis, principal of AttisCorp, remarked Andrea's knowledge of the group health and dental insurance market is exceeded only by her passion for helping employers to determine their requirements, and then searching the market to find the best solution to meet their needs.
The story followed Attis searching for the spring goddess Ostara so that he - and Far Gosford Street - could be reborn.
Midlands actor John Filcroft will play the mythical Attis who will emerge from the Underworld on a huge mechanical chariot in Charterhouse Fields in search of the goddesses Ostara - the lunar goddess of Easter who symbolises the coming of spring.