ATTMAt This Time
ATTMAwesome to the Max
ATTMAmmonium tetrathiomolybdate
ATTMAssociazione Ticinese Truppe Motorizzate (Italian: Association of Ticinese Motorized Troops; Ticino, Switzerland)
ATTMArrival Time to Market (software) (newsgroup)
ATTMAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Microelectronics
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Thus, to 30 [cm.sup.3] of a 0.01 M solution of ATTM in methanol: water (1:1; v/v), 15 [cm.sup.3] of PVP in methanol solution (0.5, 0.1, 0.02, or 0.01 mM) was added and mixed well.
Mo[S.sub.3] synthesized by acidification of ATTM [34] solution is also included.
Six isolates of AHL degrading bacteria was separated with the AHL lactonase of AttM cluster (Fig.
AHL lactonase which encoded by aiiA gene that were isolated from agricultural land in Java were clustered together with AiiA cluster and separated with AttM cluster.
At the general ATTM assembly yesterday, Kriengsak Charoenwongsak, a senior fellow at Harvard University's Centre for Business and Government, said, 'The huge investments will not have an immediate and direct effect on tourism because most of the money will go to railways and roads.
Though unprecedented in arbitration insofar as I am aware, the ATTM bonus provision combines attributes of mechanisms already familiar in litigation.
The crafting of the contingency under the ATTM bonus provision in terms of whether the claimant fares better than under the last settlement offer, likewise, sounds a familiar note.
The purpose of this study was to answer two research questions: 1) Will there be significant differences in elementary teacher candidates' level of ATTM before and after online discussion of ATTM?
To oversimplify for the sake of illustration, assume that everyone has quantities of AttM and AttW that range from a low of zero to a high of five.
While the process of torrefaction is nothing new, NC State's particular torrefier machine, called the Autothermic Transportable Torrefaction Machine (ATTM), is field portable and self-heated.