ATTMAt This Time
ATTMAwesome to the Max
ATTMAmmonium tetrathiomolybdate
ATTMAssociazione Ticinese Truppe Motorizzate (Italian: Association of Ticinese Motorized Troops; Ticino, Switzerland)
ATTMArrival Time to Market (software)
ATTMAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Microelectronics (newsgroup)
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ATTM predictably responded to the filing of the class complaint with a motion to compel arbitration under the terms of its arbitration clause.
The claimants in Concepcion contended that the bonus provision in the ATTM arbitration clause is "illusory," because "ATTM will simply pay its customers' demand in full rather than incur costs of arbitration .
In short, Concepcion asks whether the ATTM arbitration clause is unconscionable not because it exculpates but, instead, because it disables an individual claimant from seeking to represent the universe of other, similarly situated persons.
The responses were on a 0-4 scale (0-strongly disagree, 1-disagree, 2-not sure, 3-agree, 4-strongly agree), with higher scores indicating higher levels of ATTM.
In developing ATTMQ, the author considered several questions involving ATTM, such as: Could a participant with ATTM also have anxiety towards teaching in general?
On the average, there was a significant difference between a participant's level of ATTM before and after online discussion on three constructs: anxiety caused by the conception that mathematics is more difficult, anxiety towards other people's perception of one's teaching of mathematics, and anxiety towards teaching in general.
Xethos Group's Chief Executive Officer, Colin Gervaise-Brazier, commented, "ACE will provide in-country support for European ATTM customers and will work closely with WINS' central functions in the USA.
ATTM technology is licensed from World Innovation Netcomm Services (WINS) and Xethos has an exclusive license for the technology in Europe, as well as a worldwide license for e-commerce applications.
Under the terms of the five-year deal, GS Telecom, Limited will be the exclusive provider of the ATTM card throughout Europe and has the right to sub-lease the technology to other companies worldwide.
The ATTM Card operates as a universal credit, debit and phone card.
will act under an exclusive licensing agreement as a distributor of ATTM Universal Card products to network marketing companies in the United States only.
The ATTM Universal Card technology can be used to create a preloaded hybrid "Smart-Card," that may enable transactions in 53 currencies, throughout the world, including the Pacific Rim and the Former Soviet Union.