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ATTPAppalachian-Turkish Trade Project
ATTPApprenticeship and Traineeship Training Program (NSW, Australia)
ATTPArmy Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (US DoD)
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ATTPAcute Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
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Despite the current standard-of-care treatment, consisting of daily plasma exchange and immunosuppression, episodes of aTTP are still associated with a mortality rate of up to 20%, with most deaths occurring within 30 days of diagnosisi.
Caplacizumab resulted in a 74% reduction in the percentage of patients with aTTP-related death, recurrence of aTTP, or at least one major thromboembolic event during the study.
ATTP 5.0-1, Commander and Staff Officer Guide, 14 September 2011.
(1) ATTP 3-90.15, Site Exploitation Operations, 8 July 2010.
The TTPs covered in ATTP 3-21.90 have made this system even more lethal and effective.
Episodes of aTTP are still associated with up to 20% mortality rate, with patients also being at risk of stroke, myocardial infarction, venuous thrombosis and recurring episodes.
"We will put 215 field manual types, that we are calling the ATTP, the Army tactics, techniques and procedures, online on the Internet in a wild approach, where, as a collaborative community, we are looking at our manuals and making corrections, just like you would with Wikipedia" said Pittard.
ATTP 3-39.10 A manual that addresses each element of the
ATTP 3-11.23 A multi-Service tactics, techniques, and
ATTP 3-11.23 A multiservice tactics, techniques, and