ATTRAttribute (computer programming)
ATTRAmyloid Transthyretin
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Inotersen and Beyond - A Comprehensive Antisense Therapeutics Strategy for all Forms of ATTR by Dr.
Similar findings obtained with ATTR have been reported by Lister et al (10) for 30 adult listeners with normal hearing.
Kemik sintigrafisi ATTR kardiyak amiloidoz goruntulemesi icin yuksek duyarlilik ve ozgulluge sahiptir.
* averaging of the excited forces by time of action shows a significant excess of attraction over repulsion (attraction - [bar.F] attr [approximately equal to] 0.35 x [10.sup.6] N/[m.sup.2], repulsion [bar.F] rep [approximately equal to] -0.056 x [10.sup.6] N/[m.sup.2]);
As ATTR V30M patients have a proinflammatory state [35], we hypothesize that in response to this stimulation, the ciliary pigmented epithelium may release a large variety of cytokines and fibrin aggregates which may induce the breakdown of the BAB and outflow resistance in the anterior segment of the eye in ATTRV30M patients.
Thus, myocardial scintigraphy can diagnose cardiac ATTR amyloidosis without histological confirmation as long as there is no plasma cell dyscrasia [15, 17].
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Apparent total tract retention (ATTR) of nutrients (DM, ash, and N) was calculated using the indicator method described by Kong and Adeola [19].
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[BP = Brand Personality, SQ = Style Quotient, Attr. = Attractive, TOM = Top of the Mind, UI = User Image, CE = Company Employees, CEN = Celebrity Endorsement]