ATTTAdvanced Technology Tactical Transport (aircraft; US DoD)
ATTTAssociation of Tourism Teachers and Trainers
ATTTAssociation of Tanzania Tobacco Traders
ATTTAssociazione Ticinese Tennis Tavolo (Italian: Ticino Table Tennis Association; Ticino, Switzerland)
ATTTAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Technologies, Inc.
ATTTAnd That's the Truth (Internet slang)
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Anti-corruption prosecutor Cecilia Lopez dismissed Paulino Sanchez, the head of the ATTT permits department, just before the announcement of Harris's resignation.
A parallel investigation revealed a network of taxi operators who improperly received permits and who had a working relationship with ATTT officials.
Harris claimed that Weeden began his attacks just after the ATTT announced the start of a compulsory government car-insurance program.
Instead of dictating how much insurance the companies must offer for the set premium, he said, the ATTT should negotiate an agreement with the companies.
ATTT expects to have the new system functioning by the end of 2007.