ATTTAnd That's the Truth (Internet slang)
ATTTAdvanced Technology Tactical Transport (aircraft; US DoD)
ATTTAssociation of Tourism Teachers and Trainers
ATTTAssociation of Tanzania Tobacco Traders
ATTTAssociazione Ticinese Tennis Tavolo (Italian: Ticino Table Tennis Association; Ticino, Switzerland)
ATTTAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Technologies, Inc.
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In 2017, according to the own figures of ATTT (Land Transportation Agency), they 2997 cars of premium segment that were imported fraudulently and their money laundered through the re-registration and access to the common license plate .
The proposed HO scheme, which is based on the maximum cell residence time (CRT) and adaptive time to trigger (aTTT), collectively called CaT, reduces unnecessary HOs (using CRT estimations) of the target eNBs and decreases HO failures by improving the Handover Command transmission point (HCTP) in LTE-R HSR communications.
Re-registration was up 10.2%, attaining 27, 808 vehicles in 2015 up from 18,850 in 2011, the ATTT indicated.
Interior and Justice Minister Winston Spadafora said the ATTT investigation showed the administration was combating corruption, and Moscoso set about to revive the nearly dormant anti-corruption commission, placing Cesar Guevara, a close associate, in charge.
Parameter Value System carrier frequency, bandwidth 2 GHz, 5 MHz MeNB, HeNB antenna pattern omni-directional number of RBs 25 number of sub-carrier per RB 12 RSRP sampling time interval 50 msec packet schedule proportional fair TTI 1 msec [alpha] 0.1 Macrocell radius 1 Km inter-site distance 1.5 Km MeNB TX power 43 dBm Femtocell radius 30 m HeNB TX power 20 dBm Handover HOMM, HOMF, [DELTA]HOM 3 dB, 1 dB, 0.5 dB parameters TTT, ATTT 100 msec, 20 msec Mobility and [] 10 km/h traffic types moving direction [0, 3600] real-time (VOIP), ratio 12.2 kbps, 70 % non-real-time (WWW), ratio 128 kbps, 30 % Channel Model path-loss ITU-R outdoor log-normal shadowing (0, 8 dB) (mean, standard deviation)
For a full list of offers and participating attractions go to: 2 FOR 1 ATTRACTIONS AbA Cen C t Abbot House Heritage Centre, Royal Botanic Garden, AbA Cen C t Attt AuAu Benm BrBriritis AndAndndndrerewews DawDawawyck B PeePeePeePeebles DuDumDumfries Mus Edinburgh But Abbot House Heritage Centre, Dunfermline Attadale Gardens, Wester Ross Auld Reekie Tours, Edinburgh Benmore Botanic Garden, Argyll British Golf Museum, St Andrews Dawyck Botanic Garden, Stobo, near Peebles Dumfries Museum and Camera Obscura Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, Ratho (applies to Aerial Assault Course only) Explorers Garden, Pitlochry Funworld Leisure, Greenock adult ticket is free with the purchase of price child's ticket) Go Ape!
Details: Authority of Transit & Urban Transport (ATTT).
The National Director of the Urban Transportation Authority (acronym in Spanish: ATTT), said his office will implement a new urban transport system for Panama City, based on the so-called "articulated buses" which are basically double deck buses transiting along dedicated paths on the streets, reports the U.S.