ATTTAAsociacion de Travestis, Transexuales y Transgeneros Argentinas (Spanish: Argentinean Transvestites, Transsexuals and Transgenders Association)
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The cDNA sequences were AT-rich (~65%) and contained 1-5 copies of the "ATTTA" motif, a possible indicator of mRNA degradation.
The 3'-UTR of mouse and human IL-1[alpha] genes are very rich in AT (~65% using composition program) and contained 3 and 5 copies of the "ATTTA" motif (using Findpatterns program), respectively.
The "ATTTA" pentamer motif has been recorded in the 3'-UTR of many vertebrate and invertebrate mRNAs including genes for interleukins, adhesion molecules, proto-oncogenes, and growth factors (Asson-Batres et al.
The 3'-end of the antisense primer was almost identical to the pentamer motif, suggesting that the 3'-end of this primer annealed to the "ATTTA" motif and amplified shrimp cDNAs, which did not show strong homolgy to the IL-1[alpha] gene.
The modifications eliminated ATTTA sequences and almost all potential plant polyadenylation sequences, greatly increased the G + C nucleotide content of the gene, and minimized the use of rare plant codons.