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ATVAll Terrain Vehicle
ATVAutomated Transfer Vehicle (ESA/NASA)
ATVAmateur Television (Ham radio service)
ATVApple TV (television appliance)
ATVAdvanced Television
ATVAssociated Television (UK)
ATVAllgemeine Technische Vertragsbedingungen für Bauleistungen (German: General Technical Specifications in Construction Contracts; Germany)
ATVAsia Television Limited (Hong Kong)
ATVAnalog Television
ATVAtlantic Television (Canada)
ATVAlternativ Til Vold (Norwegian: Alternative to Violence)
ATVArbeidstijdverkorting (Dutch: reduction of working hours)
ATVAdjustable Travel Volume
ATVAutomatic Transport Ventilator (medical device)
ATVAverage Transaction Value
ATVArmored Trooper Votoms (anime)
ATVAzienda Trasporti Verona (Verona, Italy)
ATVAriane Transfer Vehicle
ATVAir Test Vehicle
ATVAgena Target Vehicle (NASA)
ATVAverage Time Viewing (advertising)
ATVAdvanced Test Vehicle
ATVAutomatic Video Tracker
ATVAccurate Traffic Volume
ATVAppareils de Transformation de Vitesse (French: Processing Speed Devices)
ATVAsymmetric Time-Varying
ATVAfrikaanse Taalvereniging
ATVAircraft Trailing Vortices
ATVAutomatic Threshold Variation
ATVAverage Total Volume
ATVAbsorber-Element Test Vessel
ATVAkaryakit Tuketim Vergisi (Turkish Fuel Consumption Tax)
ATVAutomatic Test Verification
ATVAir Technical Avionics (Royal Australian Navy rating)
ATVAverage Transaction Volume (credit card)
ATVAir Transit Visa (various nations)
ATVAkademiet for de Tekniska Videnskaber (Academy of Technical Sciences, Denmark)
ATVAnterior Thoracic Vertebrae
ATVAdvanced Tether Vehicle (oceanographic equipment)
ATVAuthority to Vote (various locations)
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The size, power, and weight of an ATV requires complex decision-making, impulse control, and strength, which are not present in young children.
In addition to state forest trails systems, the secretary noted ATV riding enthusiasts can choose from a variety of ATV parks across the state, as well as trails in the Allegheny National Forest.
Aman contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the Aman ATV Bumpers to potential licensees for a 2 year period.
New Jersey considered a bill last year that would increase the current $100-$200 fine to $500 for unauthorized ATV use on a highway.
Historically, ATV deaths averaged 227 a year but increased to more than 800 in 2007, the last year the Commission Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) monitored the vehicle's statistics.
After cutting the ice, firefighters were able to pull the ATV out of the water.
Used for recreational, sports, and patrolling purposes, some of the Nebula ATVs are undergoing military testing for future use in the forces.
Under the licensing agreement, the COHV agreed to utilize the ATV RiderCourse(sm) - developed by the ATV Safety Institute (ASI), a division of SVIA - along with supplemental Canadian information, to train ATV instructors and riders throughout Canada in accordance with SVIA guidelines and standards.
Recommendation: To enhance the Consumer Product Safety Commission's oversight of ATV safety, the Commission should consider how the Commission's enforcement of the age recommendations can be strengthened and act accordingly.
Small wonder then that the Naval Safety Center's Summary of Mishaps often jokes about ATV standing for "Anyone Tossedoff Violently.
I am meeting ATV union leaders this week, and they feel the Birmingham studios are being underused - because so many ATV programmes are made at Elstree.
Thus, while it is accurate to say that the ATV manufacturers complied with the consent decree, it is also valid to conclude that a greater danger lurked within the machines' design.