ATVAAutomated Technology for Verification and Analysis (Workshop)
ATVAAll Terrain Vehicle Association
ATVAActive Tuned Vibration Attenuator (aviation)
ATVAAmerican Trauma Victims Association (West Wing TV show)
ATVAAlmagor Terror Victims Association (Israel)
ATVAAnalog Television Adapter
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But, he made it clear that ATVA looks forward to working with the FCC "to make sure the final orders do not result in higher bills for consumers, more broadcaster initiated blackouts and other loss of service.
ATVA no doubt approves of the portions of the bill about which the NAB still has concerns.
ATVA claims the retransmission consent rules are responsible for a 'record number' of TV blackouts without acknowledging the hundreds.
The STELA bill passed by the Committee is an improvement on current law and addresses some of the concerns that ATVA has voiced.
ATVA member companies also include DirecTV, Verizon, Dish Network, Harron Communications, Mediacom Communications, Suddenlink Communications, Cablevision, Charter Communications, Bright House Networks and several cable programmers such as Discovery Communications and Starz Entertainment.
The company sells both new and previously owned dirt bikes and ATVas as well as a line of other related goods.