ATVAAutomated Technology for Verification and Analysis (Workshop)
ATVAAll Terrain Vehicle Association
ATVAActive Tuned Vibration Attenuator (aviation)
ATVAAmerican Trauma Victims Association (West Wing TV show)
ATVAAlmagor Terror Victims Association (Israel)
ATVAAnalog Television Adapter
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Morris said the ATVA supports the industry's efforts to make riding an ATV safer, and advocates close adult supervision of children riding "proper-sized" ATVs.
ACATS: Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Services ADTV: Advanced Digital Television ATRC: Advanced Television Research Consortium ATTC: Advanced Television Testing Center ATVA: American Television Alliance FCC: Federal Communications Commission GI: General Instruments HDTV: High definition television MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology NTSC: National Television Systems Committee
The company known as Citizens Communications until 2008 joins other new members, including RIDE TV, MAVTV, REVOLT, and Cinemoi, on the ATVA roster.
[18] presented a discussion about the influence of the hysteretic behavior due to stress-induced phase transformation in pseudoelastic regime of the SMA element of the ATVA. The performance of the pseudoelastic SMA-ATVA for different temperatures was investigated showing vibration reduction in different frequency ranges.
This suggests that, contrary to what groups such as the ATVA are fighting against, a DirecTV subscriber in Bowling Green, Ky., should be able to watch network programming from the closest affiliate — rather than WCBS-2, WNBC-4, WNYW-5 and WABC-7 from New York.
[8] investigated the nonlinear dynamics of an adaptive tuned vibration absorber (ATVA) with a SMA element.
The announcement from Scalise and Eshoo was warmly welcomed by retrans fee foe ATVA, the American Television Alliance.
The American Television Alliance (ATVA) has a bit of a different take on what benefits consumers, with respect to channel availability on a direct-broadcast satellite (DBS) service such as DISH Network or AT&T-owned DirecTV .
The American Cable Association and ATVA are thrilled.
The American Television Alliance (ATVA) on Monday (7/9) officially filed comments on the proposed transfer of two broadcast TV stations from Red River Broadcast Co.
The pro-MVPD American Television Alliance (ATVA) , which is an American Cable Association member, has filed reply comments with the FCC that addresses broadcaster oppositions to its previous petition for reconsideration of the FCC's ATSC 3.0 Order.
The NAB also used its reply comments to reply to comments filed by the NCTA -- The Internet & Television Associationand American Television Alliance (ATVA) concerning the standard for waivers of the FCC's simulcasting requirement.