ATVCAscent Thrust Vector Control
ATVCAutomatic Thrust Vector Control
ATVCAutomatic Throttle Valve Control
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Jornadas ATVC, 17-19 de noviembre de 2003 en Buenos Aires: www.
The topper adds that the ATVC programming awards, initially for operators only and this year extended to local satellite webs, could eventually include original shows on U.
Enabling ATVC to respond rapidly to its customer requirements represents another example of Ciena providing solutions that enhance our customers' service reputation.
0 million issued and outstanding shares of ATVC common stock would be converted into the right to receive a fraction of a share of Conseco common stock having a value between $32.
Walter Burzaco, president of ATVC, predicted that a law upheld late last year that rules against monopolies and forced the break-up of Grupo Clarin would be a hot topic.
This is an area that usually awakens during the annual Jornadas (or days) of Cable, the region's main TV trade event, which is organized by ATVC, Argentina's cable TV association.
At Jornadas, ATVC and CADiSSA celebrated 15 years of the ATVC Awards, this time with the slogan: Porque la television es por cable (Because television is on cable).
Aided by favorable exchange rates and a prosperous domestic TV industry, Argentina could even become an important TV trade show stop for the international TV sector, with the Jornadas--a market organized by the local cable TV association, ATVC.
Unfortunately, however, the perseverance of customs difficulties will curtail the potential of such emerging TV trade show as Jornadas, especially in view of the fact that ATVC, being an association, is not an effective market organizer.
Aun mejor, como lo sugirioron varios participantes, si un organizador de eventos professional, como NATPE o Reed Midem fueran de tomar cargo del evento, bajo patrocinio y direccion de ambo ATVC y CADiSSa, las cosas hubieran sido mucho mas organizadas (Reed Exhibition, por ejemplo, esta organizando el Argentina Electronic Show a favor del diario La Nacion.