ATVCAscent Thrust Vector Control
ATVCAutomatic Thrust Vector Control
ATVCAutomatic Throttle Valve Control
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Enabling ATVC to respond rapidly to its customer requirements represents another example of Ciena providing solutions that enhance our customers' service reputation.
Pero la declaracion que recibio mas atencion fue la declaracion official de ATVC que Telcos no sera un factor en el negocio de distribucion de television.
Unfortunately, however, the perseverance of customs difficulties will curtail the potential of such emerging TV trade show as Jornadas, especially in view of the fact that ATVC, being an association, is not an effective market organizer.
But what received the most attention was the official ATVC statement that Telcos will not be a factor in the television distribution business.
This year's ATVC Jornadas (convention days) will kick off a month earlier than usual--October 31-November 2--at the Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel and Convention Center in Argentina.
The event, which was organized by the ATVC (Asociacion Argentina de Television Por Cable) and CADiSSa (The Argentine Chamber of Satellite Signal Distributors), attracted 3,297 participants.
The annual international convention, organized by ATVC (Asociacion Argentina de Television Por Cable- Argentinean Cable Television Association), has become the Southern Cone's major cable event, gathering cable operators from Argentina and Latin America as well as industry professionals, educators, public officers and cable industry and telecommunications' vendors.
ATVC is an organization dedicated to promoting little to mid-sized MSOs and SMEs.
Between meetings, participants can attend general interest conferences; the Premios ATVC Awards Ceremony (on Wednesday, November 30), which has already drawn a record number of applications--418 from Argentina and Latin America; the ATVC Technical Conferences; the SCTE (Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers, U.
ATVC president Walter Burzaco pointed out that "nearly as many homes have access to cable as have access to telephones.